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At the runway, Heidi reminds the designers that there are only seven of them left. She says that, for this challenge, they want the designers to take their creativity to the next level. She does this lifting move like she's some sort of witch conjuring creativity, her hands weighted with her sorcery. She says that this challenge will involve more than simply choosing fabrics. Mila and Emilio look at each other and hammily stroke their chins. Heidi tells them that Tim will be giving the details on the challenge, then bids them adieu. The designers watch as Heidi walks away. Seth Aaron ponders, in his interview, what her comment about the challenge consisting of more than choosing fabrics meant. Could it be that pocket elves will help them sew. The mannequins are like, "If I see you ONE freaking pocket elf in here, I'm out. Can I get a producer over here? I was promised that there'd be no elves."

In the workroom, Tim greets the designers. He is joined by the amazing Vivienne Tam! She's awesome, but I feel like she hasn't really been in the thick of things for the past few years. I may not be completely right about that, but I would say buzz about her work lately certainly hasn't been at the fever pitch it was in the early Aughts and late '90s. The designers all seem really excited to see her. As we see shots of Vivienne's work (beautiful print dresses), Tim says that she is a master at marrying the art of fashion with the science of technology. He says that, for this challenge, they will have an opportunity that every designer dreams of -- designing their own textile. Everyone seems thrilled! Jonathan interviews that he's very excited about creating fabric and is confident that he will create something that is "him." They will be creating the design for their fabrics on some fancy HP computers. Their designs will be printed digitally. Vivienne explains that the HP technology has made the work of creating fabrics more personal. She shows a picture of a butterfly then the fabric that it inspired.

Tim says that they will have an hour to develop their designs. Then, the company Dynamics will create the fabric and deliver it to them the following day. They will have two days for the challenge. Vivienne comments that this is very challenging. Everyone numbly agrees. Tim says that they will taking a trip to Mood, where they will shop for supplementary fabric. They can create mock-ups of their designs in muslin today. Vivienne tells them that she is excited to see their prints while Tim concludes that they can get started designing their textiles.

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