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Jonathan explains that his print was to mimic watercolors. Michael hates the jacket. He names it a "disco straitjacket." He doesn't think it makes any sense. He hates the print too and likens it to a dirty tablecloth. Jonathan is not looking so pale right now. There's definite redness appearing in the face and neck areas. He says to refer to it as a dirty tablecloth is preposterous and Heidi raises her eyebrows like he just screamed or something. Seriously? The crazy stuff they say to these people who just busted their ASSES to make Mrs. Seal some money and she can't believe someone would defend themselves? Bitch, please. Michael responds that there is nothing compelling about the print and he cannot understand having an emotional attachment to it. Well, I don't want to get into who has emotions and who doesn't, but... I guess I just suggested that Michael Kors doesn't have emotions. Jonathan begins to put the jacket back on Cerri and Michael says it's so sad. Someone's husband would have to put the jacket back on at the end of the night. I seriously don't think that's all that crazy. Heidi laughs really loud, because she's apparently revealing herself as evil. Nina just burns holes in things with her eyes. Eyes that she bought somewhere, I bet. Or stole. She tells Jonathan that his look is a complete disaster. She says that the pleat in the back of the dress is "beyond upsetting." She's so smart. Instead of just insulting him, she's acting like he did something bad to her. She thinks it looks dirty and POOR. Shit, girl is pulling out some hard stuff now. Poor! Can you imagine? It's like being told that your writing is illiterate. Please don't anyone say that to me. Nina says that the print makes her sad and Jonathan points out that sadness is still an emotion. Eh, that's not really a good argument. Maybe your only argument, but still not that good. Michael says that he has seen clothes that evoke sadness, but they were beautiful. Jonathan says that he stands beside his design. It is more organic and different emotionally than the other designers, but he thinks that's OK. God, he sounds so upset right now. I really like Jonathan. He does that thing I like. You feel like you're just watching an artist trying to birth something when you watch him. He's not all about just scoring some face time on the boob tube or some bullshit. DON'T GO, JONATHAN.

The designers leave the stage and the judges confer. The talk first about the designs that they didn't like, starting with Anthony's. Nina doesn't like that he always has an excuse. Heidi thinks that he uses the same silhouette all of the time. Michael goes a step further and accuses Anthony of using the same basic silhouette for each challenge and just adding different adornment. Vivienne agrees that he needs to have more interest. Nina thinks that Mila took the easy road. Michael thinks there was nothing special about it. Heidi points out, in the most infantile way, that Jonathan got angry when the textile he created was compared to a dirty tablecloth. She actually tries to imitate his face. Nina calls the print poor again. Nina thinks that his look was too conceptual and wonders if they shouldn't have given him so much praise for being conceptual in the past. Gah.

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