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After the show, Heidi calls Jay's name. She congratulates him, for his scores got him to the next challenge. He leaves the stage. The models of the remaining designers return to the stage. Emilio starts the talky time. He says that he was inspired by graffiti and '40s design. Heidi loves it. She's really interested in the coat, because of its unique shape. Michael thinks that he nailed it and developed a "signature" pattern. So, the fact that it's Emilio's name instead of Louis Vuitton's makes it unique? Whatever. Vivienne likes it too, but feels that there should be some sort of heart shape in the dress, to mimic the pattern. Nina feels that Emilio's juxtaposition of inspirations was fantastic.

Mila says that she wanted to create something painterly. Michael doesn't find anything intriguing about the textile. He thinks it looks like some sort of Mexican gay flag. Also, he points out that the model was hobbled by the dress. Heidi appreciates that the dress was finished nicely, but she thinks it's from the '70s. Nina doesn't think that the print is blah. Vivienne doesn't think that the print goes with the dress.

Anthony tells the judges that he was trying to play around and stretch with his use of color and shape. Nina doesn't like the shrug. Anthony says that his original jacket was a failure. Michael tells him to stop explaining and Nina agrees that she wouldn't have known unless he said something. Sure, like his entertaining talk hasn't been what has kept him on the show to this point. I'm not trying to be rude, but come on. He should definitely NOT shut up. Vivienne thinks that the shape of the neckline is too sweet for the print that he created. Heidi feels like she's seen the same silhouette from him many times.

Seth Aaron says that he likes pop art. He says that his look totally represents him. Heidi compliments him for always staying true to himself. Michael thinks that it's impeccable and the pieces are all well done. Nina feels that the print is adorable.

Mila says that she tried to juxtapose the flat print with the architectural elements of her dress. Nina thinks that the print is brilliant. She compares it to electricity. However, along with the architectural elements of the dress plus the bold styling of the model, she worries that maybe there is too much going on in the look. Michael thinks that she looks like a romantic warrior. Vivienne likes the architectural elements of the look, because it gives her design dimension.

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