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Maya's look is next. It's a short dress with panels of Maya's textile running vertically on either side of the model. The textile is black with red and orange lines shooting across it at angles. She has arranged the fabric so that the lines run horizontally. In the middle of the dress is a black panel with vertical pleats. At the neck, there's Maya's structural element. The black and print fabric mix to create a bit of a harlequin look. Maya thinks that the print seems electric, which makes her happy.

Here's Emilio's look. He created a slim dress of his graphic textile. There is a black band at the waist and an inverted triangle of black that meets the bodice and creates a high neckline. He made voluminous black jacket to accompany the dress. I think the dress looks nice and I like the primary color of the print, but I'm not really a fan of this. First of all, I mean, Stephen Sprouse, right? It just seems completely reminiscent of his work. Like, I don't see any separation at all. That said, I think he did an interesting job of making such a bold and contemporary (well, unless you consider that Sprouse was working as early as the mid '70s) print look graceful. As you would expect, Emilio is very happy with the look.

Here's Mila's dress. It's not good. It's like a floor-length column sundress in white. There's a triangular pattern of rainbow stripes on one side of the dress. The stripes are green and yellow, which is pretty cool. She topped it off with a black bolero, which is too fancy for the dress. Mila's only problem with the presentation was that her model picked up one side of the dress, in order to allow herself to WALK. Mila doesn't really accept any blame for that. She says that no one used print the way that she did. Indeed.

Anthony's look is next. He made a short cocktail dress, per uzh. His textile is a purple and black geometrical pattern that is pretty interesting, but it is not used to great effect. The neckline is a little droopy and he tried the ombre technique that Emilio used in the first challenge. He needs to try that in private before sending it out into the world. Anthony is, you guessed it, happy with his work. Also, I thought the dress had weird slender wide-set straps, but I think that's actually a disastrous shrug. Oh no.

Wow, Jay's look is pretty complicated. First of all, his textile is this bright green and black striped pattern, like half botanical/half reptilian. He created a bustier in the textile that lays over a dark green turtleneck. His girl is wearing tight dark green pants. There's a short green jacket with a collar and lots of buttons. The jacket is lined with his textile. This is a pretty cool look. Jay says that he intended to make a militaristic look and he really likes it.

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