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At the workroom, it's the usual jam session. Poor Jonathan is yawning. Mila interviews that she believes she still has a great chance of making it to Bryant Park, but I don't believe she actually believes herself. She says that she has tried to focus on being consistent, as well as pushing the edges of what she tries. Seth Aaron has attempted to make a lot of pieces and tells us that he's pushed to the limit time-wise. Anthony explains that "Anthony" has a lot on his plate this morning. He's trying to think of ways to make his dress more special. Jay says that the competition is so tight, you can't really look around and be sure of who is in trouble.

Tim enters and wishes everyone good morning. He leaves and sends in the models. Anthony is not digging Jonathan's look. He thinks that the look is really pale and Jonathan's pale. He'd like to throw a bucket of colored paint on Jonathan's side of the room because everything is "pale as hell." That last part rhymed when Anthony said it. Jonathan thinks that Mila may be in trouble because her dress is stiff and her model appears to be having trouble walking in it. Maya seems happy with her dress.

It's hair and makeup time. Maya requests a smoky lid. Seth Aaron wants dark -- no colors! Anthony requests a blunt ponytail. Emilio asks for structure to the side, but the hair guy doesn't seem to be paying attention to him.

Afterwards, Tim gives everybody a ten minute warning. More scrambling! Damn, Emilio and Seth Aaron are still sewing. Maya interviews that she's happy with her dress. She feels that this challenge is a matter of taste. Emilio says that there's no way anything in the room can beat his design. Jonathan says that his fear is getting so close to Bryant Park that he can see it out of the corner of his eye. Tim returns and takes everyone to the runway.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. For a second, I thought she had that baby. She introduces Michael, Nina and Vivienne Tam. The show begins with Seth Aaron's design. So, his textile consists of rows of tiles with this punk cartoon image of a woman with crazy blond hair. Yellow and red are the primary colors. With his textile, he made a fitted blazer with mid-length sleeves. He matched that with gray slacks with black stripes up the middle, a high-necked black shirt and a yellow tie. It's everything he wanted it to be -- crisp and finished.

Here's Jonathan's look. Jonathan's textile is a light gray with darker polka dots of different shapes and configurations. He's made a jacket of champagne-colored leather and gold lame` that opens on the back of the model. When Cerri removes it, it's quite the reveal. The textile is used to make a dress that end above the knee. It has a sweetheart neckline which meets a darker gray transparent fabric that extends to create a closed halter. There is a bow of gray around the neck. OK. So, I think the jacket is pretty cool. I just think it's dramatic and neat. I'm not entirely sure about the textile, or at least the use of it. I think the skirt is either too loose, too short or too long. It just hits Cerri at the wrong place. Also, I think maybe he took Tim's advice the wrong way. It appears that he made the neckline lower and added more of the gray fabric in response to Tim's concern about the proportion. I think he maybe did too much. Also, I think she's wearing the wrong shoes. They are black heels that are a little bit chunky. Something strappy and lighter would have been better. The back of the dress is cute. The dark gray fabric is pleated and puckers where it meets Jonathan's textile. I don't think this is horrible, but it doesn't look like things came together as cleanly as they could have. Jonathan is happy with it, but why do we even listen to the designers during this part? They always love it.

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