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Previously: The designers worked in teams of two to create looks inspired by four different NYC neighborhoods. Jay and Mila are archenemies but managed to do work together anyway. They were in the bottom two with Jonathan and Amy, who would have seemed like a dream team. Seth Aaron and Emilio won the challenge. Amy, sadly, was sent home.

It's morning at the Atlas building and Jay is vigorously blow-drying his hair. I feel like part of the interview process must include gauging how well the participants are likely to maintain grooming standards during filming. I'm just saying that if I were without sleep for as long as these people have been, they'd be lucky if I changed clothes or brushed my teeth. Jonathan, who we see still asleep in bed, interviews tearfully that losing Amy to an elimination has been very tough. He says that the only thing that has saved him from being a complete mess is Amy's strength. That's because, unlike two-thirds of the people who use this line, Amy really is just beginning. She so completely lacked desperation in the way that she approached this competition. I have total faith in her ability to make something happen in the future. Jonathan says that it's "game on from this point forward."

Anthony, decked out in a monogrammed blazer with a yellow pocket square, asks if anyone has seen his black sunglasses. We don't hear the answer yet, but he interviews that he is closer to Bryant Park than many probably ever expected. That's fair, though I certainly think that he's been an audience favorite. He says that his eye is still on the prize.

It's hair time with Mila and Maya. Maya interviews that she's "a little jealous" that Emilio and Seth Aaron won the challenge. She mentions that she's only one of two girls and the youngest competitor. I guess she's feeling insecure along with her jealousy. Also, fear. She says that she's afraid now that there are only a few designers left. Somebody give Maya a Red Bull.

Everyone starts filing out of their apartments. Emilio, yogurt in hand, says that he won the challenge yesterday but he's "normal" today. Jonathan says, "You're normal?" Emilio laughs as if Jonathan was cracking a joke, but I think that maybe Jonathan was just questioning the juxtaposition of the two states: Winner vs. Normal. Frankly, this is a good example of why Emilio should stick to expression through design as opposed to words. It's like Heidi saying, "You're either in or you're about."

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