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Running on the Runway

The sleeping designers are woken up by Tim Gunn, who has snuck into their hotel room. He's wearing a striped referee shirt and is blowing a whistle. It's a fairly abrupt way to wake up. Except for Justin, who can't hear the whistle. Everyone is hustled out to go meet Heidi somewhere. In the vans, everyone agrees that they hate sports. Karen points out that shopping is kind of an endurance sport, and people feel better about it.

In what the establishing shot claims is Central Park, the designers have all been outfitted in product-placed shirts and shorts. They arrive at a playfield that has some obstacle-course stuff around it. And also Heidi and Tim! Alexander claims they're wearing "activewear," but Heidi's in jeans. She says they're having a "field day." Tim gets very specific here: there are five identical obstacle courses, each with four stations. The designers will be working in five teams of two. That is a lot of numbers. The challenges are the three-legged race, the tire run, the wheelbarrow race, and the flag grab. That last one is just a tub full of junk, but I guess there's a flag in it somewhere. The winning team will get to choose their fabric first, plus an extra hour of work in this one-day challenge.

So the challenge will be to make "fashionable activewear." Heidi uses the word "performancewear," which makes me worry that they'll have to use crazy high-tech moisture-wicking fabrics. Heidi's goal is "to bring the runway to the treadmill." The winning look will be sold by a particular athletic clothing company. Tim clarifies that today's teams are only for the obstacle course, not for the part where they design clothing. That's important, because who you want as your partner probably changes. But the teams are random: Justin/Dom, Jeremy/Alexander, Helen/Bradon, Alexandria/Kate, and Karen/Ken. Ken's a little mopey about being paired with Karen, but it doesn't seem like it's because he doesn't like her. It's because he thinks she's got the athletic ability of his grandmother.

There's some stretching and trash-talking. The three-legged race goes quickly, and they're not stopping at each race. Bradon and Helen run right past the wheelbarrow portion and have to go back. Soon, everyone's piling through their tubs. Dom finds the flag first, so she and Justin win! Heidi yells at people for not knowing what the flag looks like. Jeremy and Alexander finish last. Tim warns everyone that Helen's immunity in this challenge is the last immunity in the season. Helen makes the usual promise about trying hard even though she has immunity. Heidi will be joining Tim on his workroom advice trip, which is unusual. But this look will be sold as part of her line, so I guess it's fair for her to be more interested in it.

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