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Previously: The designers had to create a look for little girls, plus a related old person look. Janeane, quite deservedly and possibly belatedly, got the boot.

"I am fashion. Look at me!" No, Emilio. You do not convince. I really am not a fan of the credits this season. It's morning at the Atlas building and in New York City. We see a fast forward of New Yorkers walking around the city real fast like so many ants. Thanks for making me feel special, Lifetime. Emilio announces in the boys' apartment that it's time for the "top 10 designers" to awaken. He interviews that he's half-way to Bryant Park. He says that it's really serious competition now as we see him pull the covers off of a fully clothed Jesse. Time is running out, Jesse. Diss that robe. Emilio says that all the stops must be pulled outwards.

Jay appears to be the designer who has the most difficult time waking up. Anthony throws an empty water bottle at his head and he begins to stir. He interviews with spirit fingers that he is top ten! He says that, in the beginning, he was worried about being the first person to be eliminated. He gleefully points out that he only needs to knock down 7 more designers before he makes it to Bryant Park, "bitches." FYI, I believe that this is the final year that Fashion Week will take place at Bryant Park (I think it's moving to Lincoln Center). If, in future seasons, there's a big problem with people calling it the Lincoln Center, I will cut a bitch. You know it's going to happen.

In the girls' apartment, Amy tells Mila with a giggle that she's excited to be moving to a new challenge. Yeah, I'd want to get as far as possible from the experience of being in the bottom 2. Mila interviews that she's bummed to have seen so many women eliminated early in the competition, but it's empowering that she and Amy and Maya are the strongest women there. The mannequins are like, "We pronounce that word 'luckiest.'" I'm only joking. Mila doesn't ever stray off-message, but I've found a lot of her work really interesting. As everyone is getting ready to leave, the boys do an all-hands-in thing. Anthony says something about how 4 will return as 4, but Jay tries to talk with him and says 3! Sounds like he's either stupid or wants one of the guys to get eliminated.

At Parsons, Heidi greets everyone at the runway. She reminds Seth Aaron that he has immunity. She says that she will be sending the designers to meet Tim and "one of America's favorite designers." They will fill the designers in on what the challenge entails. Jesse interviews about how he wonders what the challenge will be. So, they go to Michael Kors's store in Soho. I can't wait to see which of America's favorite designers will be revealing the challenge! We'll have to wait for that -- Michael Kors has something to say. He tells everyone that, for this challenge, he would like for them to think out of the box and be innovative. They're going to be shopping at a hardware store for supplies. Everyone's all grunty laughy. Amy interviews that she couldn't be more excited about the challenge. Emilio? Not so much. He says that he doesn't make "crafty" things. He makes sophisticated, beautiful clothing, per him. He apparently doesn't have TV either, because he has never had the privilege of watching Project Runway. Welcome to the PR world. This happens.

Tim adds that, in addition to apparel, the designers will be creating an accessory that complements their clothing. That's gonna be fun! Michael says that it's very important to think about a head-to-toe look, including hair and make-up. Why, exactly? Because you want someone to purchase complete looks when they buy from you? I can certainly rationalize why it would be important to think about the whole look, but I wish he would say why. Is it just a demand for aesthetic rigor? A smart marketing consideration? A way to judge someone's taste? Sometimes, I feel like there are these esoteric guidelines for the designers like BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. There's no real concrete thing to DO in that regard. Likewise, thinking about a head-to-toe look...that's really just another example of someone having good taste or not. If you like it, they must have thought about the whole look. If you don't like it, they must not have thought about the whole look. Or, maybe they just weren't true to themselves as designers. Tim prompts the designers to tell Michael that they won't disappoint him. Then, it's on to the hardware store.

They arrive at Scheman & Grant Hardware and Tim tells them that it's a very inspiring place. They each have $150 and 35 minutes to shop. When the shopping begins, Jesse interviews that hardware is kind of expensive and that worries him. Maya interviews that she is excited for this challenge and mentions that she has made dresses from odd objects (i.e. a dress from string) before. Emilio points out that, while everyone else is buying sheets of metal and things that are available in yardage, he's getting metal washers and cord. Jay tells us that he's going to attempt to make garbage bags appear to be leather. Amy goes for sandpaper. She thinks that the colors and textures are going to be very interesting. Emilio is way over budget and has to leave a lot of stuff behind without being able to think too much about it!

Back at the workroom, Tim tells them that they have the rest of the day to finish and a little bit of time the next day. The winner of the challenge will have immunity. With Tim gone, everyone gets to work. People start pounding on metal and shit like that. Jay interviews that most of the designers are "taking the easy way out" by making a dress. He's going the more challenging route of making pants. He knows it will be difficult, but he's gonna give it a go!

Jesse says that the workroom looks crazy. He's hoping that someone really fucks up, so he'll know he's safe. He knows that it sounds bad. Maya says that her accessory is going to be a heavy necklace made of keys. It is going to be the focal point of her look. Anthony is thinking a lot about Michael's call to be innovative. He has decided that he'll take a hard material and give it the appearance of being soft and airy.

Jonathan jokes quietly to Amy while he's working, "Who doesn't know what they're doing?" Amy answers, "Me!" Jonathan interviews that working with these materials is very difficult. Then, we see him say to Amy while holding a piece of metal that he's working with, "Ladies and Gentlemen, straight off the periodic table of elements, copper!" Amy really gets a giggle out of this. She interviews that she loves Jonathan because he's so funny, which she finds to be a big stress-reliever.

As we see Seth Aaron hammering some sheet metal onto his dress form, Emilio interviews that making metal into a dress has been done. True, and I'm thinking of the music video for George Michael's "Too Funky." Therefore, I say to Emilio that, yes, it has been done and no, it has not been done frequently enough. We could all get a little too funky. Everybody wants a lover. Emilio wants to make a Paco Rabanne-inspired outfit with the washers and cord. Problem is, he doesn't know if he has enough of either. Jay interviews that it appears that Emilio is making a stripper outfit. Jesse says that they are all making space outfits. Emilio replies, "This is fashion." Jesse giggles and says, "And stripper costumes." Seth Aaron remarks that Emilio has some macramé action occurring and Emilio replies that Seth Aaron should shut up. Danger!

Emilio interviews that he's very frustrated because hardware items are not intended to make beautiful clothing. Everyone's hands are getting torn up by working with the sheet metal. Ben says that it loo

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