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Carolyn tells Emilio that she can see all of the trouble happening under his dress. Diane thinks that it's a miss. Uli promises that she won't use feathers again. Isaac really likes it. Diane thinks that feathers are great and that she does a good job with them. Georgina thinks that the back is a little unfinished. Althea says that she was trying to mix feminine and sexy. Carolyn says that it doesn't make any sense. Diane thinks that it's a mix of Marie Antoinette and Frederick's of Hollywood. Ouch. She does acknowledge that Althea is obviously very skilled. Georgina thinks that the dress would have been more successful had she draped instead. Laura Kathleen says that she loves to mix flowing garments and tight garments. Diane says that she has made a pajama palazzo. Isaac doesn't get what's happening with the underarms, but he likes what she did. Georgina thinks that she made the shoulders a little narrow, but she does like the look.

The judges confer. Carolyn says that fabric choice was key to the success of a lot of the designers this week. Anthony Ryan, Uli and Laura Kathleen get kudos from them. Georgina thinks that anyone would feel good in Laura Kathleen's look. Isaac says that Emilio's fabric didn't look like a new textile. Georgina thinks that Althea tried too hard. Diane thinks it looked like student work. Isaac liked Ivy's thought but the execution was horrible.

The designers return to the runway. Anthony Ryan is safe. Laura Kathleen wins the challenge. Carolyn will wear her look on the red carpet! LK seems really happy. Uli is in. They go backstage and Laura Kathleen says that she didn't want to fall over DVF with compliments. Emilio is safe. Ivy is in. And, Althea is out. That's so sad! We didn't even get to see her.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and on Twitter at @jblong.

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