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Casanova's look is next. It's a strapless gown in this sort of chaotic red and white plaid. There's a high slit on the leg and you can see the other side of the fabric, which is bright red. It's really gorgeous and I felt like it was quite the little moment when his girl appeared onstage. He thinks it looks beautiful. Anthony Ryan's dress is next. It's a periwinkle draped thing with a black belt. It's low-cut in the front without seeming vulgar. He says that he has never made a dress like this and is proud of it. He notices that the model's underwear is showing slightly, but he says, "Who doesn't love a good panty?" Find me the person.

Ivy's look is next. This is really not very good. It's a short golden dress with this elaborate scalloping thing on the bodice. Seams for days. Everywhere a seam. There's like a side train that is kind of cute, but overall this dress is really a miss. Ivy knows that she struggled with it.

Laura Kathleen's look is next. It is indeed a pant-dress. It's cute and luxurious. Laura Kathleen stares at DVF the whole time. Emilio is up next and he's embarrassed about the hem of his dress. He declares that this is the sloppiest dress that he has ever presented. The dress is pretty though. It's a red number with one shoulder. It fits beautifully and the imperfections aren't really visible on the television, though judging from the way Emilio is talking it must be some sort of disaster.

After the show, Carolyn calls Joshua and Casanova. They are both safe. The remaining folks have the high and low scores. Anthony Ryan starts first. He says that he was reminded of the South by the High Line and wanted to create something comfortable. Diane thinks it's pretty but wonders if there may be a little too much fabric on the side. Isaac think that it's a mix between hare krishna and Anthony Ryan. I'm not sure that I understand that but I'm going to just go with it. Carolyn loves the color, but she doesn't want her underwear to show. Georgina loves the feel of the look and thinks that he has done a great job.

Ivy says that her woman wants to be a start, so she tried to make something like the sun. Isaac says that Ivy has successfully made her fabric look the worst that it has ever looked, as a fabric in fabric form. Ivy counters with the declaration that red carpet is not really her thing. Isaac says that he doesn't even know what that means. Red carpet means a good dress on a good girl. Laura Kathleen laughs at this. Does that really happen? Carolyn says that she would not wear this dress and asks Ivy if she would change her design if she had the challenge to do over again. I feel like that's a pretty thoughtful question. I wonder if she thought of it herself. Seriously. Ivy says that she would indeed do something different. Diane sees the sun in the design, but she thinks the execution was off.

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