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Laura Kathleen is looking like she's in a safe spot. Anthony Ryan says that she's a great designer and this challenge is exactly in her wheelhouse. He says it's like a little pig squealing in the mud. They go to hair and make-up. Scott Patric is there. And, because I know it's important for everyone to know, I'd choose Robert Hammond. I mean, I don't want to get too into it because I get more pathetic with each keystroke, but I honestly don't know that there's a more eligible gay bachelor on this here God's green earth, TV anchors and weathermen excepted. Anthony Ryan has to tack up the hem of his dress because his model is having a problem walking in it. Laura Kathleen says that she feels that Uli is her only real competition. She remarks that she has done "her whole trim thing again" but also notes that the look is refined without looking austere. Emilio doesn't have a zipper in the back of his dress and the hem is not completed. He's a little embarrassed that he's not showing his best work.

On the runway, Carolyn shows up in a floor-length green gown and she looks amazing. She introduces Georgina (also looking gorgeous), Isaac (who puts a finger to his lips when introduced and I hope that he does that forever) and Diane von Furstenberg. Diane is really ebullient and seems truly excited to be there. That's fun.

The show begins with Joshua's look. It's a one-shouldered gown that is draped on the bias. It's belted with, I guess, the opposite side of his fabric. The major color is this sort of grey-green that is actually very pretty. His model looks sensational in it.

Uli's dress is next and it's a short dress that would be strapless were it not for one strap that Uli has created with the embellishments. There's also a large feather on the front. You don't even see her fabric very well, which is actually a pretty good thing seeing as how it was a pretty depressing color. Uli thinks that it looks really young and she would like to be friends with the girl who would wear it. She acknowledges that it looks different from what everyone else is doing, but she likes it.

Althea's look is next. She was completely screwed from the beginning with that fabric. It's dowdy. It looks like something some little girl's prairie doll should be wearing. That said, her design is way too structured for such a... rustic(?) pattern. I don't know. It's a form-fitting short dress with like some sort of ass cape in the back. There are cut-outs on the shoulder. Everything is essentially made pretty well, though she may have over-thought this just a little bit. She feels like she innovated and she's proud of that.

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