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Later, Anthony Ryan notices that Ivy is still cutting while he is ready to start sewing big stuff. He thinks she needs to get to sewing, because she doesn't yet have a dress. The models come in for their fittings. Josh explains to his girl how the challenge is all about using green supplies. Ivy realizes that she has spent too much time patterning her look. Now, she's pressed for time and wants to make changes. She feels screwed and she kind of is. For some reason, this is deemed a good time to hear Josh say that he thinks Ivy has good ideas, though he designs for a different customer and wave length.

Casanova likes the design of Althea's dress, but he thinks that the fabric is all wrong. Emilio is fitting his girl and says that he has a lot of work to do. The lining has been taking him a long time. His model jokes that she doesn't help with the work load and he agrees. I can't really figure out what it is about her that makes life and work more difficult for Emilio, but at least they are in agreement. Anthony Ryan is happy with the outcome of his dress, especially since he is not used to draping in this manner. Ivy doesn't think it looks so great. She feels like he has made a bad mock-up of Laura Kathleen's drape sleeve.

The models leave and everybody scrambles to finish their work. At one point, Uli is running with some fabric and says, "Androgyny sounds like a walk in the park right now." Ivy says that she's feeling really freaked out. She kind of has to jettison part f her design and just finish something. Emilio is also still complaining about having a ton of work to complete when it's time to leave.

Later that night, at the hotel, Emilio asks who has a dress that it ready to be on the runway. Laura Kathleen jokes that she doesn't have one, but that's because she's not even making a dress. Emilio says that he doesn't have a dress. He only has a bodice. Josh asks if any of them have actually dressed a celebrity. Althea says that she dressed all of the Kardashians. Well, that's horrible. Audra McDonald wore Emilio's dress to the Tony Awards. She's amazing.

The next day, they get to the workroom with two hours before the show. Emilio's dress is half cut on the floor at the beginning of the day. Joshua notes that Emilio always seems to be running short on time. Ivy shortens her dress at the eleventh hour. Althea has a lot of work to do too. Uli thinks it looks like Marie Antoinette. She adds that it's pretty, but she wouldn't wear it.

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