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Joanna comes in to consult with these guys. She starts with Laura Kathleen and acknowledges that LK is a big DVF fan. She confirms that and says that she has never met her. Joanna hears the idea about the pant-dress and seems really on board. Laura Kathleen says that she wants to make sure that DVF has nothing bad to say about her look. Joanna moves to Emilio and it appears that his red dress is the exact same shade as the dress that she's wearing. She's really excited about his look because she's wild about the color. Joanna moves to Anthony Ryan and says that she really likes the periwinkle shade of his fabric. She says that it's a color that she would be looking for if she were thinking about the cover of Marie Claire. Something bold and exciting. He tells her that he doubled the fabric because it was so sheer and she thinks that's a good idea because you have more coverage from the flashes of the photographers.

Joanna finds Althea's fabric pretty dreary. Althea agrees and says that she's exposing the shoulders on her model to make it sexier. I don't see why dreary and sexy have to be mutually exclusive. Widow chic could be the newest rage. Patent pending. Joanna points out that Althea has been hanging out in the middle for the entire competition. She wants to see her rise. Casanova shows his look and sort of describes a technique where he would show part of the other side of his fabric. Joanna reacts negatively because it takes the focus to the nipple of the bodice. Again, bad thing?

Ivy explains the shearing technique that she wants to use. Joanna likes what she hears and she likes Ivy's fabric, so things seem good on that front. So, I'm afraid that the Emilio I remember is back. The arrogant one who can't seem to stop bashing everyone else. He says that Ivy can't design and she struggles any time she is not doing something exactly like her aesthetic. What does that even mean? Why would you even be a designer if you didn't have a particular aesthetic?

Joanna notices that the trimming Uli is using is similar to what she used in the last challenge. She agrees. She needs something to spruce up her fabric, which she described as a rainy day in Miami. That doesn't sound good. Anthony Ryan thinks she's in trouble because she has essentially made a simple dress and added a lot of trimming to it. Joanna wishes them luck and leaves.

Ivy is feeling hot. Casanova confirms and says that he is smelly. This completely capsizes Ivy's giggle box and she loses it, which is actually kind of fun to watch. He smells himself and says that it's like a rat died in his armpit. Fun times.

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