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The guest judge is Diane von Furstenberg. Laura Kathleen is super excited. There's a part of the High Line named after her. Joshua David says she helped make the High Line possible. Carolyn says that she will wear the winning design to her next red carpet event! Everyone is psyched about that. They take to some benches to sketch. Ivy thinks that this is going to be a real challenge for her. Uli is happy with her print, while Althea is trying to draw inspiration from her chiffon.

When everyone gets back to the workroom, they sprint to the room where all of the recycled trim and stuff is. Anthony Ryan says that he's not going to rely on trim, because red carpet looks usually aren't about that. Emilio is feeling confident and Laura Kathleen has her eye on him. She reminds us all that he's a costume designer and there's a big difference between fashion and costumes. Whatever. Here's my question: are we, as a general public, of the assumption that if you make costumes, you can't stop making costumes? Like, you can't switch gears and think from a fashion point of view? Because, Emilio is obviously not stupid. I'm sure he's well aware of the differences between fashion and costumes. I just think that's a tired argument and shitty to slam the guy for finding a way to get paid for what he does. He and Casanova speak in Spanish about their designs. I hope that it makes everyone really nervous, like they're planning on taking over the world or something. You really can never trust a costume designer. Emilio has chiffon as his fabric, so he's going to create a line, so that the flimsy chiffon is not responsible for too much of the design. He says in Spanish to Casanova that Uli always makes the same "bedsheets" sort of things. Ivy is looking at them and says that she can't wait of the show to air, so that this will be subtitled.

Uli says that her strength is making the challenge fit her strengths as opposed to the other way around. She is not feeling great about her fabric though, it's darker than she thought it would be. Laura Kathleen explains to Joshua that she's going to make a pant-dress. He interviews that she's a killer designer and she takes lots of risks. He thinks it's courageous that she's making a romper for the red carpet, though she keeps correcting him and telling him that it isn't a romper. It's a pant-dress.

Laura Kathleen says that this is her most anticipated challenge, because her idol will be judging her and she wants to impress her. Uli goes back to the trimming recycle bin. She's going to use feathers to add volume to her look. Emilio is still making fun of her, this time to Joshua. I'm thinking he's just feeling a little bit nervous about her and feels that he needs to tear her down a little bit. Anthony Ryan is feeling stuck because he is not very used to working with chiffon. He wants to show something a little more flowy, but he's not sure how to do it. Ivy is making a lot of different pieces for her look and she's worried about not having enough time to finish. She remembers back to her season when she got eliminated during a red carpet challenge.

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