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Previously:The designers were asked to create androgynous looks for their models. Then, they had to create another androgynous look for boy models. Emilio won the challenge. Laura Kathleen almost got the boot, but ultimately Kayne of Many Colors was asked to pack his valise and go home.

We start out with the designers walking on the High Line in the daylight. It's really beautiful there. Who let the designers out? Some PA is gonna get fired. Laura Kathleen interviews that she did not do well during the last challenge. She says that she is going to stick with what she knows best, which is femininity. Don't forget garish displays of nouveau wealth. Althea points out that she was in the middle of the pack again during the last challenge. She says that she has to be on her A-game for the rest of the competition. Josh says that they were walking along soaking up the sun and vegetation and he was like, "Oh Lord, what's this challenge going to entail."

Carolyn greets them wearing her first miss of the season. I see a dress with a pleated skirt, armor-like bodice and cable-knit sleeves. This is not a joke that I've just made. She tells them that, since they have been cooped up for weeks now, they wanted to get them into the outdoors. She explains that they are at the High Line, an elevated railway that has been repurposed into a public park. She introduces the founders, Joshua David and Robert Hammond. OK, I just need to get this off of my chest. I used to work adjacent to Robert Hammond during the nascent stages of the High Line and it was all I could do to not throw myself at him. He's 100% husband material. I lament my failure daily. They are standing on a part of the High Line that hasn't been converted yet. It's still overgrown and dilapidated (but still really pretty, honestly). So, essentially the High Line is a testament to recycling, while Robert Hammond is a testament to good genes, a proper arts education and a mother's love.

The challenge is to create an environmentally friendly look for the red carpet. Everyone seems pretty excited about this idea. Carolyn shows them all a bunch of swatches of fabric made by this green textile place. They use hardly any water or power in the production of their fabrics, which is a big deal for the environment. The fabrics are double-sided and they each get to choose one. Emilio chooses first (he goes with a solid), then lets Casanova choose. Josh is next, then Uli, then Laura Kathleen, Anthony Ryan after that, then Ivy. Ivy chooses a golden fabric that is like the sun and she tells us that she chose it because she feels like a woman should feel like she's a star on the red carpet. Gah, that's so literal. Althea is the last to pick and chooses a chiffon that is pink on one side and blue on the other. She wishes that it had been a bolder color, but she says that she's going to work with it. Carolyn tells them that they are also allowed to recycle notions and trim and stuff that they purchased for previous challenges.

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