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Previously: The season got off to a bleh start. The seemingly colorless new designers repeated the first challenge of the series. Does anyone have a problem with the lack of innovation on the part of the producers re: the challenge repeat? Just putting that out there. Kelli from Columbus won the challenge while "successful designer" Jerry was out. We were also introduced to Rayon "Suede" Mustdie.

It's morning at the Atlas apartments and Rayon tells us as via interview as we see him rising and shining that "reality has set in" for him. Jerry was his roommate. And, though "any decision that's not Suede going home is the right decision," he didn't foresee Jerry going home so soon. He must be thinking that reality = "a loser like Rayon might win this bitch." Reality is on crack right now. I can't take the third-person stuff, people. It's sooo incredibly self-conscious and it's killing me. And, he's either had work done or he's wearing a ton of make-up. Just saying. Hate the hair, the clothes, the talk -- hate it all.

Stella is making a health drink with spirulina, wheat grass and several other grasses. She's full of surprises, this one. I'd have imagined that her typical breakfast would have been more along the lines of Stoli and gold teeth. In her interview, she thanks the heavens that she's still here. She says that there is truly "no messing around" in this competition. Five seasons in, I'm a little stunned when people make comments like that. Maybe I'm misreading something -- she sounds surprised that it's difficult, no? It took my mother three years to finish Hawaiian shirts (ala Magnum P.I.) for me and my big brother (once they were done, I fit into the one she was making for him). You'd think that someone in the actual fashion industry would be aware of how difficult it was to make something in the 18 seconds they have to finish these challenges. She tells Terrie that she's not a cow and she doesn't like grass, but she's drinking it. I love her accent.

Kelli interviews that she is excited to have immunity. She adds that she is innovative and creative and she "definitely" felt like she would win that challenge. Good for her. I think I like her, but there's something very 1998 about her. The whole tattooed pin-up girl thing has been really really done, right?

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