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Previously: The designers created a red carpet look for Miss Piggy, which I still think is pretty awesome. Gordana was sent home, because that's where she left the drama necessary to make Piggy want to wear her dress. Also, Michael won for a dress that I thought was kind of dumb. But, whatever.

The designers are all at the Flatotel and Michael interviews that winning the previous challenge does not give him confidence that he will be in the top every time. Rami, Kenley, Jerell and Anthony poke a little fun at him regarding his excitement when he won. I'm still... did anyone really like that dress? I just thought it seemed like an old person's idea of what a young person would wear. Michael says that he's feeling the pressure to deliver something amazing.

At the runway, Angela greets all of them wearing this shimmering tawny brown dress that makes her look YUMMY. Man, that lady has some sort of body. She reminds them that we're four challenges into the competition. Then, she says that the challenge this week is about taste. Good taste comes in many forms but it has to start somewhere; so why not be inspired by taste itself? I'm just being picky here, but there's something really forced about that thought. Does good taste have to start somewhere? Is it completely impossible that someone could be raised in, I don't know, a barn and come out and know how to accessorize super super well? It could be innate.

Their challenge is to create a tasteful outfit inspired by the colors and flavors of a seriously tasty dessert. And, the dessert is chosen for them- gelato. Angela introduces a gelato stand that's in the corner, in open sight. I'm not sure if he was just in darkness and that's why the designers weren't like, "I wonder if our challenge will have something to do with gelato or that pink and white gelato cart over there with the clean-cut guy behind it or that poster of different gelato flavors named on it. Maybe they're just giving us a treat before a day of hard work? That's plausible, yes?" No one says that though. Everyone claps for the gelato cart which is what I do every time I see some sort of food serving device/vehicle. Brick and mortar food eating places? For lame-o's.

L'Arte del Gelato is the name of the cart. Jerell calls the boy behind the cart a "gelato-slinging cherub" then asks what this is all about. Everything is tangential today, because they don't even show us a close-up of the guy (I had to watch it three times to be sure it was actually a guy, which I guess supports the cherub part, but still) but he's important enough to be included in an interview, as if he were part of the challenge. Also, how much more does he need to know? Angela already said what the challenge was going to be -- you don't need to be a genius to know that you are going to make a dress based on one of the flavors on that list. In fact, I think Jerell was probably just talking about the fact that he found the gelato-slinger kinda adorable. Even from here, 30 feet away from the dude's face, he is pretty cute. It's like they think that the audience needs to be in constant suspense. Do we? I don't know, I'm wondering if the real Project Runway editors are on vacation or something. A lot of this stuff is patched together in a way that I think is a little sub-par. Anypoo....

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