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Previously: The designers had to create a day-to-evening look for Brooke Shields to wear on Lipstick Jungle. Terri had serious questions about the state of Rayon's genitalia. Daniel blahed his way to safety yet again, while dragging Kelli down. She got the boot. And, Keith got the win.

It's morning in New York. There's the Statue of Liberty. There's a pretzel stand. And, there's the Atlas Apartment Building. I could use a pretzel right now. There's Blayne and his highlights having cereal. On the fridge, we see a post-it note that reads, "Too Much Drama!" Frankly, I don't think this show is what Mary J. had in mind. Are we missing something? Because other than the drama inherent in being surrounded all of the time by a camera crew and being part of a process that could potentially make something very important happen for your career, I'm not seeing a lot of excess drama around here. And people keep talking about this drama. Korto mentioned something about how she was leaving the drama to the other folks last week and Blayne was calling everyone "Team Dramalicious." It's just another thing I find annoying about this season. No one's doing anything that terribly dramatic. In fact, I'd venture to say many of them have been a tad boring and predictable. So, it's embarrassing to hear all of them talking like they're in the middle of war-torn Bosnia or something.

As Terri is making coffee drip-style, she asks a sleepy-voiced Stella if she is ready for the day. "Yeah. Just as ready as I am any other day." Stella really doesn't like to wake up. We see Korto artfully applying some eye-makeup and then we see an interview with her where she says that it was shocking to see Kelli go home, while Daniel was safe yet again. Then, she adds, "All the people that try to be safe every day? (sarcastic closed-mouthed laugh) Wrong strategy." I guess she gave up on leaving the drama to the other people. However, I do agree that we have seen the end of Daniel's usefulness.

Blayne is having the second course of his breakfast, yogurt I presume, and asks Joe if he thinks that Keith should have won the previous competition. He doesn't. He thinks that Keith's skirt was just "raw-cut swatches of chiffon. How innovative." He was being sarcastic about that last part. He, in fact, does not find that innovative. No, what Joe finds innovative is being really quiet while the leader of his group is making what he considers mistakes, then saying something to make her look bad when Tim Gunn comes around. That's an innovative way to get yourself cut. Joe interviews that "Keith, Keith, Keith. I still don't know what Keith's aesthetic is." Why does it pain him so? I've always found that interesting about this show -- when designers seem practically insulted that a designer whose work they don't enjoy is on the show. Joe thinks that all Keith really does is "swatches and strips." He wonders if the judges are blind. Geez. OK, I'll admit that Keith is a little one-note with the unfinished business, but I really don't think it's that bad. They all head off to Parsons.

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