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The Line Between Plantations and Wonderlands
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Previously: The final four went to Paris to visit Valentino! They created couture-inspired looks. Anthony Ryan had trouble in the beginning but came back and won the challenge. The bottom two were Uli and Joshua. They had to deconstruct their designs with an hour limit and make a drastically different dress. Uli pulled out the win and Joshua was sent home.

We begin the show on the runway. Carolyn greets everyone. Anthony Ryan interviews that he never thought he would be in this position. He says that Uli and Emilio are both older and more experienced than him and they are out for blood. I wouldn't say that Uli seems that terribly vicious. Carolyn mentions that three months ago, thirteen all-stars started the competition. Now, only three remain. Emilio says, "Wow." I'm not quite sure why that's a surprise. These were people. It's hard not to notice that there are fewer of them after every challenge. Carolyn says that the best way for a designer to show their work is with a high profile fashion show, so their next challenge is to create a mini-collection to showcase their talent. She notes that a designer usually has months to prepare for a big show, but they are only going to have four days. Everyone sighs and kvetches. Hee haw. Emilio capsulizes the experience thusly: "I only have four days to create a collection that could change my life." Dem's some high stakes. Carolyn says that they will have total free reign to make the show whatever they want, including the theme, music and how many pieces are shown. Well, that's interesting. Their budget is three thousand bucks. They will have a night to sit with their ideas before they head to Mood. Oh, a whole evening to figure out the most important collection of your career? Very generous.

They go back to the Night Hotel and start brainstorming. Uli tells us that the theme of her collection will be "Winter Wonderland." She just likes the sound of that. Her color palette is going to remain white and ivory because she has been lucky with that. Emilio says that winning the competition would change, not only his life, but his family's lives. The theme for his collection will be "Urban Plantation." Wow, that evokes a lot. He wants to make a collection about working women. He says that his mother's work life was spent in a factory and he feels like fashion does not typically look up to that sort of woman. That's a really interesting perspective. I can't say that I disagree with him, though the first thing that comes to my head (even though they show a photo of WWII-era women working in a factory) is the women in An Officer and A Gentleman. The clothes of the women in the factory really made an impact on me, but I don't remember if that had any effect on the fashion of the time. It should have. Anthony Ryan chooses for his theme "The Thin Line." It will be about the line between dark and light.

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