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I Know You Are But Why Are We Designing For Giants?
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Previously: The designers encountered the "unconventional" challenge, where they were required to make looks from non-living items found in a pet store. Josh C. attempted to fly under the radar, but instead crashed into it and was eliminated. Bert made no friends by being a slacker during his week of immunity.

I'm still not digging Nina and Michael in the credits. It's ridiculous to even write but... it lacks dignity. It's morning at the Atlas building. Josh M. and Bryce are grooming and lamenting the departure of Josh C. Josh M. feels that he had so much more talent than Fallene, who apparently doesn't stop talking about being a hairdresser. He doesn't think she's much of a designer. That's not an entirely bitchy point to make.

Now, we see Becky and Fallene trying to wake up in their beds. Fallene says that she's nervous about the day's challenge and wonders if maybe she's too normal a person to be on this show. I mean, that's an interesting question, but I have a feeling she's talking about stuff that we haven't seen. In fact, though I feel like production has made attempts, I've never gotten a real sense of the apparently uniform rigors that the twenty-seven seasons of this show have endured. They all react in the same way, but I'm usually like, "You want to make clothes, right? That's what you're doing right now, isn't it? Suck on your binky." That said, all of these interviews must take place during the time that they're working, so they don't even probably get the actual allotted time to work on their designs. Or, they film them after the workday- meaning they get even less sleep than we think. And, the sleep deprivation has always seemed like the hardest part to me, but not something that would make me wonder if I was too normal. Incredible mysteries. Fallene says that her way of designing is a lot more artistic (read: non-technical) than what they have to do on the show. She's glad the judges gave her a second shot.

I really like Anthony's boots. He has two of them. He interviews that he's feeling good so far. After being in the top three for the first two challenges, he's looking to rock his first win. All buffed and medicated, the designers make their way to Parson's.

Heidi appears behind the scrim on the runway with what appears to be eight-foot long legs and I'm talking like actually eight feet. And, the silhouette suggests that she's wearing leg warmers big enough to smuggle Reese Witherspoon through Canadian customs. Bitch even waves to them from ABOVE the scrim. I bet this was part of one of her big swingin' Halloween parties. She finally enters the runway wearing stilts. Sadly, there are no leg warmers, simply flared pants. She asks how everything is going "down there" and Anthony's like, "Haven't we covered this?" Someone please stop me. She says that there is a reason she is dressed like that and Laura interviews that it appears that they are going to the circus. More like "ohmygodwe'regoingtothecircus." She's so not excited she couldn't enunciate. I feel her. Bryce is also not thrilled but it's more of a nerves thing.

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