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Flower Power
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Previously: Per Zulema's request, there was a mutherfucking walk-off. She ended up taking Nick's model, Tarah. He could not believe the bitch did that. Their challenge was to take pictures around New York City and then use one of the photos for inspiration for a garment. Tim warned all of the designers that their poor performance during the last few challenges had left them in "serious jeopardy." Nick contemplated just going home, and Santino performed his mighty impression of Tim Gunn. In the end, Daniel won the challenge and Zulema was sent home. We're down to six designers!

At the Atlas apartments, Nick and Daniel are standing together in the kitchen. Nick says that there's a new rule: "Do Not Go Out Like Zulema." Nick interviews that when Zulema picked his model, it created tension for all of the designers, so he was "relieved" when she was eliminated. Over in the girls' apartment, where it's getting quite roomy, we see Chloe taking pictures of the skyline with her cell phone. She interviews that Zulema had never been in her top three, so she was not surprised to see her go. She also thinks that Zulema's garment for the last challenge was poorly constructed. For Kara's part, she's too busy being excited about being in the final six designers to worry about Zulema. "I've been pinching myself."

At Parsons, Heidi greets all of the designers on the runway. She jumps right into challenge talk -- the next challenge is to create an outfit for a garden party. Hmm. Okay, so I'm thinking about how they're going to twist that. Madison Square Garden?

Now, for the time we've been dreading. Model-choosing. Tarah and Rebecca enter the runway. Tarah is a terrific model, says Daniel, but Rebecca is his "angel." He's sticking with Rebecca. As Tarah leaves the runway, Nick looks devastated. We see Tarah get her hugs from the models backstage. Not only is Tarah a lovely girl, but it seems like everyone really likes her personally as well. Nick interviews that he's really sad to see her leave and that she "kind of looked up" to him. After she has left the runway, Nick says, "She's gone." He looks like he's fighting back tears. Poor guy.

We see another choppy NYC montage as they are leaving Parsons. There's that mannequin in the middle of the street again. It's been out for two weeks now. What's it doing for food? An innocent mannequin on the streets of New York? There's no telling what will happen.

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