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Previously: The designers had their unconventional materials challenge and it was all Christmas stuff. Kylie Minogue was the guest judge! Uli won the challenge, while Casanova and Ivy were in the bottom. Casanova sadly got the boot and Ivy was really torn up about it.

It's morning at the hotel where they are all staying. They are sitting on a beautiful terrace and Emilio mentions to Ivy that Casanova's elimination hit her very hard. She agrees and says that, though she understands that only one person wins the competition, she had hoped that her friend would be with her until the end. She interviews that Casanova's elimination has pushed her spirit to work harder, because she wants to make something that he would be proud of. Anthony Ryan points out that, for this challenge, they are all likely to stay onstage for the judging at the runway show (because they are such a small group now). Emilio interviews that it is his feelings that the remaining designers were always the strongest. This elimination will be the game changer.

At the runway, Carolyn appears behind the scrim holding envelopes. Groaning commences. Anthony Ryan says that he just prays that it is not a team challenge. Me too. I don't think I can handle these guys being too bitchy to each other right now. Carolyn reminds them that they are all close to the big prize before telling them that the next challenge will be about the 1920s. She reminds us that the '20s were the moment when fashion and the modern era converged. Laura Kathleen whispers, "Flappers." Carolyn says that the Jazz Age has returned in movies and music and it is their challenge to create a modern look inspired by the '20s.

Because Uli won the last challenge, she gets to choose her envelope first. Then, everyone else chooses one. Carolyn calls them invitations. Uli opens her and it's an invitation for an evening social soiree. Josh opens his next and it's an invite for an afternoon garden party. Oh, he'll be a total hit. Anthony Ryan opens his and it's an invite to an after hours speakeasy. Laura Kathleen has a social soiree as well. Ivy has the speakeasy and Emilio has the garden party. Carolyn says that it's going to be a fashion face-off. Emilio says that he and Joshua design for the same woman, but he's confident since he has won two challenges. Uli also considers Laura Kathleen a formidable opponent. Each group will have a high scorer and a low scorer. From those groups we will get a winner and a loser. Anthony Ryan says that he is not pest control but he will not mind exterminating Ivy. Whoever thought of that should be fired. I mean, seriously. Also, the hair. Anthony Ryan's hair is a problem. Wrong proportion, wrong decade, wrong species. I think he just lost me forever with the exterminator bomb. Carolyn shuffles off the stage while making a little mouth trumpet and I like her more and more every time she talks. Or plays music, I guess.

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