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Previously: The designers were creating pieces for a collection for the working woman. Gunnar was feeling a lack of respect from his fellow designers. Also, he's not a fucking tailor. Alas, he did receive some grief from the judges for his fairly dowdy look. Elena was a nightmare, which is no surprise. Melissa finally won a challenge! And, Raul was sent home again.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and it looks like no one wants to wake up. Melissa calls gently from her bed over to Elena and tells her that it's time to wake up. If Elena had screamed at me the way she did at Melissa during the last challenge, I'd let the bitch sleep, at least so long that she wasn't able to properly brush her hair before leaving. In the boys' apartment, Christopher (who I've been told I'm being too hard on; I say that he may be ultimately a fun and nice dude but the Andrea Runway Moment sticks out in my head as a particularly mercenary moment in the history of this show) is sleeping and Ven wakes him up by pulling his blanket down. He does NOT like that and kicks Ven. They both sort of laugh though so it's all in good humor. Christopher says, "God! Make me some coffee." Ven complies.

In the girls' apartment, Sonjia says that she thinks it's time to get rid of some of the guys. "Get some of these Silk Chiffonies out of here." OK, so I touched on this briefly during the last recap, but someone said "Silk Chiffonzies" in the beginning, which is so much better. And seriously, with as much manipulation as you know takes place behind the scenes, someone couldn't have said, "Hey, go back to that other way of saying that. It's better?" Bugger.

Dmitry tells Fabio and Gunnar that he is really ready to win one of the challenges. He has been close a couple of times and he just thinks it should happen now. Fabio makes a lot of sympathetic grunt-like acknowledgments. Gunnar just sort of stares with that half-grin of his. Dmitry interviews that he wants to prove that he's one of the top designers there but he's beginning to lose his confidence. This guy is really starting to grow on me. I think the serious and affectless and not horrible designer is sort of my favorite archetype now. As they're all heading out the door, Christopher wonders aloud if they couldn't sleep in just for one day. "No," replies Nathan.

Heidi greets them all on the runway. She tells them that for their new challenge they will have some new clients. Then, jazzy guitar music and people are walking down the runway. Men and women, they don't look like there's anything particularly uniform about them. Elena says that they don't look like they have anything to do with fashion. Once they are all in place and the guitar stops, Heidi says that the people onstage aren't exactly their new clients. Melissa wonders what the hell is going on. The designers kind of groan and the people onstage giggle at their discomfort. Heidi explains that the people next to her have friends who are in desperate need of a makeover. Heidi asks the designers if they are willing to help them out and Dmitry asks joshingly, "Do we have a choice?" Laughs. Heidi answers, "No."

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