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Previously: This season continued to rot in hell. Patricia and Richard had a really hard time working together. Neither their aesthetics nor their communication styles matched. The challenge was to create a textile and ready-to-wear and high art looks. Stanley won the challenge and Richard was sent home.

Tim meets the designers in the green room after the challenge. He tells them that he and Heidi want to see the designers back at the runway in 15 minutes. Layana, who seems to have dried her tears after her absolutely ridiculous display in the last episode, congratulates Michelle and Stanley in her baby voice as they make their way back to the runway. Are we going to ignore what happened? I've also been thinking about the look that Patricia was giving to Daniel as Layana was crying and being cradled by Michelle. It was kind of hard to read but it meant something. Was she agreeing with Layana or looking at Daniel like "I can't believe we have to put up with this bullshit." I really hope it was the latter. I'm just saying, it haunts me. Layana interviews that it feels amazing to be in the top 5.

Heidi and Tim make their way onto the stage. Tim confirms what we already gathered, they are rejiggering the groups again. Heidi says that they feel like it's time to let the peeps design on their own. Michelle says that she has always designed whatever she wanted anyway. She knows it may sound stubborn but it works for her. Ugh. There's just something so pedestrian about her that is magnified exponentially every time she talks like she's some sort of genius. Stanley is excited that there is a challenge where he gets to be totally himself. Heidi reminds them that this season is about working in teams. She says that they will have helpers who will work under them. That means, says Tim, that they will need to utilize all of the communication skills they have "learned" this season. Oh Tim, you glass half-fuller. These people have learned nothing.

Heidi says that they will meet their helpers in the morning, after they go on a little field trip with Tim to find out more about the challenge. Cut to the next morning, the designers are at the Hearst Building. If I'm correct, I think an urban planner friend of mine told me that the Hearst Building is the first certified green skyscraper in New York. Anyway, Michelle thinks it's very beautiful. Patricia says that she is just breathing it in and trying to soak up the creative thought that went into making such a place.

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