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Mila enters the runway to applause. She tells everyone that her collection was inspired by shadows. She gives "a big shout-out" to her parents who she credits with always being creatively nurturing. Her voice wavers just a little when she says that. We see them and they seem very proud. She also thanks Matthew, her boyfriend, for being her rock. He's sitting between her parents and blows a kiss to her. He looks so excited! And, he's wearing leather gloves and I bet Mila made those.

The show begins with a shroud dress of black and white stripes. The sleeves are wide and end right below the elbow. The cuffs are made of a shiny black fabric. She's made white fingerless gloves as an accessory and the girl is wearing black tights.

The next look starts with a long coat of dark gray that ends above the knee. The liner is black, which you can see from the high turned-down collar. A pocket is also black. It's fitted beautifully. Slim but modern and funky. The model removes the coat to reveal the first dress that Mila showed during the last challenge. That was smart of her. It introduces it to the judges in a new way as opposed to showing them same thing that they've already seen. How else will she shock the pee out of them!? Mila VO's that her collection is true to her, but she wants the judges to pee.

The next look is a black and gray-striped (God, it might be aubergine, I can't really tell) dress. The stripes cross across the model's waist, which seems fairly flattering. She has paired it with this chunky Asian-influenced necklace. Mila says that she has put her soul into this collection. The girls look really edgy. I think she did a terrific job following that advice.

Here comes Brandise in a long black coat that is fitted and belted. Underneath are white leather pants. Here comes a girl in a short black leather and gray fabric dress. There's a white vertical stripe between the opposing fabrics. She's paired it with these interesting leggings that are bare on the outside of the calves, like stirrup pants that were too short for the wearer. More gloves, this time one black and one white. There's a neckpiece of white fabric that makes the look seem cool, though oddly familiar.

Here's that mohair top that she showed to Tim. At the waist of the top is a swath of black patent leather. And a teensy little skirt of shimmering gray and black-striped fabric. The girl is wearing aubergine tights.

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