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Next is a girl with a yellow tartan overcoat dress. It's fitted to perfection and belted. So, like Posh and Eddie Izzard could pull this off. That's all. But, when are you going to see yellow tartan used to such excess any time this year?

The next look is highlighted by slacks of black leather and yellow tartan. The tartan is on the inside thigh of the pant, with the black on the outside, which -- crazy color but that would be slimming. She's wearing a quilted black leather coat that ends mid-thigh. It has one of those shoulder flaps like cheerleading jackets. There has to be a name for that. I don't know it. There's a black and white-striped liner to the jacket which you see dramatically when she takes the coat off. You also see that she is wearing a sexy black top that is belted at the waist. It looks simple until she turns around and it is revealed that there are vertical slits in the sleeves and a cut-out on the back. Sexy yet restrained again. The judges nod in approval or they are discussing what they are going to eat at Michael's later.

Here's another dress in contrasting black and white fabrics. There's an interest of black shiny fabric in the front, like some sort of mutated bow. Next is a black and white coat dress that certainly fulfills the military promise. Voluminous shoulders and a high and severe collar. It is belted and opens in the front. Modern and sophisticated.

Wow. Next is this black and purple dress that is so different from the earlier work of Seth Aaron's that we've seen. He's really pumped up the sex for this collection. It has a halter neck with multiple black straps and a swath of purple fabric as a sort of collar. There's a thick belt at the waist with a bejeweled center. He does his play with volume, so there are protrusions of violet fabric at the waist and hem. And more of those high boot pants. Very cool.

And, that's Seth Aaron's show. Mila was wrong. That shit did not look Hot Topic, with the possible exception of the shiny freaky dress. And, that's still a stretch. Everyone applauds wanly. A friend of mine, and others probably too, have talked about how people have stopped applauding for individual looks as they come down the runway. Somebody, bring that back! I like clapping! Seth Aaron comes out fist-pumping and everyone screams. That's better. He kisses his wife and checks in with the kids before returning backstage.

Mila says that she's getting nervous. Her breath is taken away when she sees her models lined up. That must be a pretty amazing sight. She says in an interview that she started getting emotional at this point (and she does so again in the interview) because she worked really hard for this. She means that too. She's not talking about dreams and shit either. Mila seems like she's worked her ass off.

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