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The next look is genius. And, I'm sorry, it's so complex that I really feel like I'm not going to do it justice in my description. But, here goes. It's a black and white checked silk dress. The bust is set wide and there is a gaping v-neck. The straps are a different white and black-striped fabric. The hem is an inverted v and the high point is at the center, so it falls lower as it curves to the back. There's a thick black belt placed high on the waist that meets the bottom of the v-neck. There's a cape of the flowing checked fabric in the back, mimicking sleeves. The straps join to make a racer stripe in the back that reveals a lot of the models skin. Those flowing sleeves mostly cover her, making it sexy and restrained at the same time. AND, he's made pants. Pants that match the heels that the model is wearing, therefore resembling crotch-high boots. Or, she's wearing crotch-high boots. Either way, can I git a git it! And, the girl is styled like a badass. This dress fucking rocks, if you ask me. The wrong styling could make it over the top Goth, but right now it just looks young and modern and very, very cool. Seth Aaron says that all of the pain and disappointment that he has suffered have come to this and now there's just peace. He's watching something that he never thought he would see.

The next look is a cute, punk Audrey Hepburn dress in black gingham. It has a Givenchy neckline, but he's done some work with volume, so it has waves of movement over the entire bodice. He has another one of those thick black belts and the skirt of the dress ends above the knee and is quite whimsical. It's not the most original thing ever, but it's fairly original and, again, his styling really puts it on one of those new levels that everybody likes to talk about so much. Seth Aaron says that this is a dream.

Now, we're back in Seth Aaron's edgy sweet spot. Here comes a black dress -- a very shiny fabric. It's sleeveless with a high collar. The skirt ends above the knee and is fitted. The bodice is like a perverted New Look silhouette. It has all of these blade-like ruffles at the hips and the bust. It is belted with a bright red belt, creating that cinched waist. At the top of the collar, he has a red scarf poking out, making it an even higher collar. I like the effect of the shine in the black fabric, but I wonder if it might look a little cheap up close. The silhouette is really cool though. Since it's sleeveless, it almost has the quality of having had the sleeves ripped off before the girl put it on.

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