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Still scurrying backstage, Brandise does that stupid thing where one says, "OMG." I'm hoping that's going to die a quick death, though it can't be quick enough. With two minutes remaining before the show begins, Seth Aaron has his girls lined up and tells us that he's amped. He says that he achieved what he set out to do.

It's time to get this bad boy started. Heidi, looking lovely and postpartum, enters and welcomes everyone to the show. She says that this was a fantastic season and we see Jonathan and Jesse, who is still wearing clothes, applaud. She introduces "the lovely" Michael Kors, "the beautiful" Nina Garcia and Faith Hill. Faith looks gorgeous.

The show begins with Seth Aaron. He enters and I am immediately struck by the fact that his pants are just too tight. I understand the aesthetic and I also understand that Seth Aaron is a good five to eight years too old to really pull this off. He's a fine-looking guy too. He shouldn't dress like a fool. He thanks everyone for the opportunity to participate, including his family for their sacrifices. He says that his collection was inspired by 1940's Russian and German military. Delightful. He announces that his girls are strong and are going to kick ass -- until the Americans bomb them into submission and liberate France. Here come the girls.

First up is Kristina in the red wool dress we've been hearing about. It has a fitted skirt that ends at the knee and balloons mid-thigh in a not-unflattering way. The shoulders are voluminous and do, in fact, suggest German influence, kind of like an epaulet and a cape at the same time. There are leather straps that begin at a similar-colored neck band and extend at angles along the bust. It's really striking. His model is wearing graphic black and white tights. I wonder if he made those. If not, EXCELLENT use of the wall. The make-up is FANTASTIC. This just looks really dramatic and exciting. Backstage, watching the monitor, Seth Aaron tells Tim how excited he is. Tim just applauds. It's really sweet.

The next look is a fitted suit in houndstooth. There are bands of leather resembling gills on the bodice of the jacket. The sleeves hit right below the elbow and have a little ballooning volume. A full red and black-striped scarf is poking out from the jacket in the style of Seth Aaron's signature high collar. As for the pants, they hit the floor and have an opening on the inside of the leg from the floor to the ankle, revealing the shoe of the model. It's so cool. I'm not exactly sure who would wear this, but it looks really amazing. Those pants have a definite predecessor in motorcycle/punk/maybe military stuff, but they look totally original in their current form.

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