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It's time to go. Mila interviews that a million thoughts are going through her head right now. She feels like she is restarting her career as a fashion designer. They all giggle and run arm and arm through the snow to their hotel.

The next "morning," at 2:40 am (seriously, that's like an hour of sleep), we see Seth Aaron awakened by his alarm clock. No, it's not an accident. He's waking up at that time. Apparently though, he wanted to wake up even earlier and says to the door of an occupied bathroom, "Emilio, thanks for waking me up!" Has he not met Emilio? Why would you ever give him power like that? Why not say, "Emilio could you hold my dress for me? And this lighter fluid? And my zippo?"

As Emilio is shaving, we see an interview where he says that a lot is riding on this ten minute show that is about to take place. Mila tells us that she didn't sleep. She just wants the show to get started.

And they're on their way! As they are approaching Bryant Park, Emilio says that they are walking really fast. Everybody is nervous and wants to get to work! They step into the tents and are struck dumb by the majesty of the empty runway. Mila points out that this is the "real deal." Indeed it is. Seth Aaron drops and makes runway angels.

They all go to their areas backstage and get to work. There's fitting and steaming and hair and make-up. It all looks like it's going very smoothly. Smoothly until a tent techie approaches Mila and tells her that three of her models have not checked in. This is two hours before the show is to begin. Naturally, she's apoplectic. She doesn't know who she should talk to about replacing the missing girls. Emilio is also missing a girl but he finds this cute bearded dude and tells him he needs to replace his missing girl immediately.

With one hour remaining before the show is to begin, Mila tells Tim that three of her girls are still missing. We see people, including Jesus and Ben and Jonathan, start filing into the tent. Emilio hasn't replaced his girl either.

With 30 minutes remaining, Mila has only replaced one of her three missing girls. Tim says that they'll need to use alternates from the modeling competition. Emilio gets an alternate too. Lots of frantic adjustments are still taking place as time ticks away. Onstage, Michael, Nina and Faith Hill (?) enter to take their seats. I don't know Faith Hill's real qualifications to be a guest judge, but I will tell you that my mother saw her in person in Biloxi, Mississippi a few years ago and says that she has the prettiest skin she has ever seen on a grown person.

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