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Next, the designers have make-up consultations with make-up teddy bear Collier Strong. Mila tells him about the judges criticism and that she needs something rough and edgy. I don't remember a time on Project Runway when a make-up look was playing such a vital role. I have a sneaking suspicion this might be an advertising element. Whatever, that doesn't even bother me. Gotta pay the bills. I'm just going to enjoy this shit. Collier gives Brandise a really smoky eye and super pale foundation. Edginess achieved!

Emilio tells Collier that he wants Lorena to look like an "uptown New York girl." Hmm, that's going to do nothing to dissuade the judges from feeling that his collection is old. The result is not that dynamic. Seth Aaron tells Collier that he wants "black" and he kind of waves his hand over Kristina's whole face. He wants her to be in black face? That's a choice. Collier says that he sees a really dark eye. So, he puts really thick purple eye make-up around Kristina's eyes. It's very dramatic. Seth Aaron seems happy with the results.

Back in the workroom, models come in for their fittings. Seth Aaron fits a red wool dress onto Kristina. It's one of the new pieces that he showed to Tim. He VO's that the dress represents him at the next level. Emilio says that, no matter how long you work on a collection, it changes once a person is wearing it. He's finding that a lot of his pieces are not working, so he's going to be doing a lot of technical work in a short period of time. Mila is anxious about the fact that this show is her one shot. She tells a couple of the models that she has never had an experience like this in her entire life.

It's hair time! Philip Carreon from Garnier is there. He works to make Mila's girl Brandise look rock and roll. He says that he's steering clear of matronly with Emilio's girl Lorena. Kristina has this modern-looking bun.

With 30 minutes remaining in the work day, Emilio tells us in an interview that this is a defining moment in his life. This moment is for all of the people who knew he could do it before even he knew it. I find it hard to believe that there was ever such a time.

Seth Aaron, who, bless his heart, has an even more ridiculous hairstyle than he had during the challenges, says that his family has made a lot of sacrifices so that he could pursue his dream. He owes them a lot. Honestly, who would choose that hair? It's a disaster. Anyway, he feels like he owes his family a lot because of all of their stuff that they went through for him. Winning this show could change all of their lives.

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