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Tim enters the room in a black turtleneck and a black leather blazer. He's just there to check in and see how everyone is doing. He asks Seth Aaron how he feels about his collection. So, he starts showing Tim his stuff. There's a lot of it. He has 24 looks. Not pieces. 24 complete looks. That's just crazy. He explains to Tim that he had to get his original vision out, but was able to move forward with Tim's advice. Wow, he really gave into the whole reconceptualization thing. He interviews that he wanted to add a clean sophistication to his collection -- something that would make the judges feel that he had grown and taken things to that ol' proverbial "next level."

When Tim approaches Emilio, he laughs because of the uncomfortable consultation he and Tim had together at Emilio's home. Tim holds one dress and asks if we haven't seen it before, but stresses that he's not trying to be hostile. He's just trying to prepare Emilio for the judges. Emilio point out in an interview, and not entirely incorrectly, that the judges and Tim don't always agree. He's betting on the judges. Who wants to bet that his refusal to accept critique from Tim is gonna bite him in the ass?

Tim tells Mila that he's very interested to see what she's working on. Did Mila find some sex? She shows this sacky mohair top thing that is clean and nice but similar to all of her other stuff. However, she's pairing it with a mini skirt. Very mini! He reminds Mila that the judges feel she needs to roughen up her styling. She confirms that she has committed to said roughening and will be going for a rock and roll style.

Tim tells the designers that he is thrilled for them that they get to show their collections at BRYANT PARK! He really screams that last part. He reminds them to use that damn wall of accessories. Their model casting will begin shortly. He blows them a kiss and leaves the room.

It's time for the models to WORK. Mila VO's that she's looking for edgier girls, you know, girls who could be in a rock band, Hollywood or New York girls. That's like almost every kind of girl. Everyone but, say, Academy Award-nominee Carey Mulligan. Right? Everybody but her, but only when she has long hair. Short-haired Carey Mulligan might qualify. Shelley Long? Shit, Mila is Shelley Long. That just happened in my head.

Emilio tells us that he was going for a multi-culti look. Seth Aaron reminds us that a girl's vibe and look can make or break a collection. As they are leaving the casting, Seth Aaron declares that his girls can kick the other girls' asses. He's really wearing that clean sophistication like a glove.

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