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And, then there's Emilio. He seemed like a blunt guy but a hard worker in the beginning. As the season has progressed though, he has morphed into this reality show monster who has somehow convinced himself that he needs to manipulate the stakes to justify being nasty and condescending. Like the bullshit from the very first challenge where he was all "there's a target on my back?" Yeah, watch out Emilio, someone might design something spectacular just because you won a challenge. You should poison them. My final (at least before this episode concludes) verdict is that Emilio is an incredibly skilled tailor, but not the savviest of dudes. I can't imagine that he'll turn things around too completely in the hour remaining, right? But, I've been wrong before.

So, yeah, I think this was a pretty good season. Started off weak and got much better around the middle. There were certainly a good number of people with great ideas. Even Ping, who was dropped into the mix most likely as this year's portion of crazy juice, had some really pure and original ideas. If she ever learns how to execute them, she could make some fascinating stuff. My most major complaint, really, was that Jesse never took his shirt off, rendering him essentially USELESS.

And, now begins our finale. It's one day until the runway show and the designers are filing into their swank finale workroom digs. It really makes Parson's look like a sweatshop. As they are unpacking their designs, we see an interview with Emilio where he tells us that Bryant Park is the place where all of their hard work pays off. He says, with that typical Emilio shellac of narcissism, that he's so close to victory he can taste it.

Seth Aaron says in an interview that he is excited to get a glimpse of the "comp" (aka "competition"). Mila declares that Seth Aaron's collection is "a glamorous Hot Topic." Wow, that really stings. And, she's not completely wrong. I thought Seth Aaron's winning design in the little kid and corresponding grown lady challenge looked like it would be quite at home in a Hot Topic.

Emilio interviews that Mila's collection is beautifully made, but also he finds it severe and demure. That is very astute. We can all comfortably say that sex is not Mila's currency, yes? But, the demure thing is more damning. There's a difference between not being tarted up and being a prude. Mila says that her first impression of Emilio's collection is, "I'm in a boutique in Harlem." That's kind of OK. Clinical, but, well, Emilio actually lives in Harlem now, right? Or, he has lived there. He said it was his neighborhood when he and Seth Aaron teamed up for the neighborhood challenge. So, she finds it geographically accurate. Wait, there's more. She's in a boutique in Harlem... "in 1994." Ouch. And, again, not untrue. And, that's really Emilio's biggest shortcoming. There's something dated about his work that makes it veer perilously close to garish. LIKE I POINTED OUT, he's riffing on Stephen Sprouse stuff that was last current in the mid-'90s. Seth Aaron simply says that Emilio's collection is "older." I don't know if he means his inspiration is old or his demographic is, I'm assuming he's talking about the demographic. Old people need clothes too. Mila says that, after seeing the other collections, she feels that she could win.

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