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Quickly: Did ya'll see the reunion show. Well, I LOVE a fucking reunion show and this one was actually one for the ages. The models were with the designers and things got heated. Tim and Nina hosted. First of all, Jay reacted to Cerri's comments about his work by saying he would never work with someone with bad teeth and thick legs. What an ASSHOLE. Done. I hate him. The other designers even insist that he apologize to her. Jonathan clarified that he switched models from Cerri because of what the judges said, not because he didn't like working with her. Anthony got really rude with Alexis, who, granted, was the most annoying model on the model show. However, he kind of lashed out at her for saying that she wanted to wear Amy's burlap sack dress. BECAUSE THEY ASKED HER what dress she would have wanted to wear. So rude. Ping got emotional about Jesse having been so harsh with her and he apologized. Kind of. Emilio got flack for saying shitty stuff about Amy during the model choosing after that time when she stole his model, and he said he did it to make a "point." Which doesn't really make sense. Anyway, let's hope they keep doing this.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the season. I thought it was pretty good! Thank you so much for reading and for all of the emails. So much fun talking to you folks.

Jeff Long is a writer/actor in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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