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Back onstage, we got the slow death synth and Emilio and Seth Aaron standing there. Heidi tells them that both are deserving but only one can win. Seth Aaron... is the winner! Emilio hangs his head as Seth Aaron bursts into tears. Emilio hugs him for a long time. Emilio seems devastated. He gets his kisses from Heidi and leaves. He says, "In the words of our wisest contestant, Anthony Williams, 'You don't have to have the crown to be the king.'" Oh Emilio, you know he said "queen." Anyhoo. As we see Emilio comforted by his family backstage, we see an interview where he says that he will take this experience and use it as a stepping stone. Oh no, he starts crying backstage. I'm impressed that he threw himself so completely into this and believed himself up until the final moment. It always seems like even the most talented designers can get a little tripped up with self-doubt. Not Emilio. He went balls to the wall and the judges just happened to like someone else's work better. There's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's got to hurt to put yourself so completely out there and not get the reward. He adds in his interview that ESOSA will be a world brand and he's excited about his future. The mannequins are like, "Do you need a hug? Wait. Arms. Would you like to hug us?"

Heidi joins Seth Aaron on the runway and gives him a big hug. Seriously, did she have this baby yesterday? She looks amazing. In an interview, Seth Aaron says that he can't believe he just won this! He tells the judges that he's a little overwhelmed. His family joins him onstage and, after he hugs them, he tells his son that it's OK for him to cry since he is too. I think I might cry too! This family seems really awesome. His wife must have busted her ass while he was away. I'm glad that she'll get something in return. He interviews tearfully that he's showing his children that hard work and loving what you do will pay off. Bravo. He says that he sees in his kids' eyes that they are proud of their father. Seriously! Stop! He says that this lesson for his children is what this experience has been about.

Kristina comes out to join him! They share a hug as the judges applaud. Seth Aaron's daughter is looking on like, "Don't steal my dad." He reminds Kristina that she just won too. Now for Tim! Before he's barely on the runway, Seth Aaron runs and gives him a hug. Seth Aaron picks him up, which surprises Tim and makes the judges laugh. Seth Aaron says further in his interview that he's ready to develop a large fashion world and conquer the fashion industry, "if you will." Michael congratulates him and tells him that his collection was spectacular. Nina tells him that she's anxious to see his work in the pages of Marie Claire. Faith congratulates him and tells him that his collection was exciting. Seth Aaron concludes saying that his hard work has paid off. Congrats, Seth Aaron!!!

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