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Heidi asks what the judging criteria is. Is it the business part? Who learns the most? Neither. Nina says it's who is the most creative. Michael says it's, "Who has the most to say." Heidi pushes further. Are they judging on just the show they saw today or the entire season? This is really thoughtful! Michael points out that they really got to show more today than they did during the entire season. Nina adds that their runway show was the ultimate challenge. I'd had questions about that, but I'm totally sold on that rationale. Michael considers Emilio detail-oriented and analytical, but doesn't think there was a lot of showmanship in his collection. This gets a little confusing for me, because fashion is nothing without the commerce side. However, maybe this is a space independent of that and things can be just about the art of it. I don't know. Michael counters himself and says that Emilio's clothes were still the most flattering and easy to wear. Also, Nina says they were the most sophisticated. Faith says that this is a tough decision and I really believe that she's feeling it. Damn, that woman looks good. My mom was right. Why would you airbrush that? They have made their decision.

The designers return to the stage. Heidi congratulates them once more for having polished and professional collections. She says that their decision has been a really, really tough one to make. Heidi tells Seth Aaron that he retained his signature style while amping up the sophistication. He can overwork stuff, but he knows how to put on a show. She tells Emilio that his taste and craftsmanship were on display today as usual, but they wished they'd seen more show stoppers like his final gown. That said, his point-of-view has a real place in fashion. She tells Mila that she moved her '60s aesthetic into the present day. Her point-of-view was clear, but they wished she'd been more surprising.

Mila is...out. Emilio like licks his lips with glee and relief. She gets her kisses and leaves. As we see her go backstage and greeted by her family. She interviews that she lost her way on her journey to becoming a designer, but it's never too late. Her mother tells her that she's still a winner! Moms are awesome. She says that she is disappointed but excited about future possibilities and really grateful to have had the opportunity to be on Project Runway.

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