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Project Proscenium

Once the designers are gone, Heidi says that she liked all three collections. Michael noted that the designers seemed to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Nina thinks that this group of finalists is very mature. They begin talking about Mila. Michael thinks that Mila showed the culmination of what she had been talking about during all of the challenges. I assume he means her play with graphics? His favorite two looks were the multi-graphic dress and the short one with the white stripe. He thought they were both modern and softer than her earlier work. He believes that her great strength is mixing textiles. They all loved the leggings. Michael says that Mila gets caught up in her "geometry lessons." Heh. He still wasn't surprised by Mila's collection and Nina nods in agreement.

Heidi segues into talking about Seth Aaron. Was Michael surprised by Seth Aaron? Heidi says she was surprised by the excitement of the show, but not the work. She thought it showed Seth Aaron. Michael was surprised by the sophistication in Seth Aaron's work. He is concerned about the overwrought qualities of Seth Aaron's stuff and Nina adds that it can border on being costume-y. However, Seth Aaron's attempts at chic were totally successful in their eyes. Heidi says that his clothes would have a lot of hanger appeal. Michael says that Seth Aaron understood that he was putting on a show. Show! Show! Show! What? Is this Project Proscenium? Nina thinks that he's fearless, which is a necessary quality.

Faith really loved Emilio's work. She thought the entire collection was clever, then she was knocked out by his final gown. Michael thought Emilio went in the opposite direction of the other two designers and got quieter. Michael took that as a statement that, since Emilio wowed them during the challenges, he now wanted to show that he was commercial. Did anyone doubt that Emilio's work was commercial before? Bikini aside? Nina notes that Emilio was thinking more about the business side, including his signature print, which Michael feels was "priceless." Michael feels that, since Emilio's collection doesn't have to be toned down for real life, it's more a line and less a collection. He insists that there is a difference, but my mind is kind of searching for what that difference might be. It suddenly makes fashion shows seem really pointless. I guess you need to make a big splash in this world stage/marketplace in order to get in the door of the stores. FYI, did ya'll read what Cathy Horyn wrote about Michael Kors? Ouch. Michael says that he didn't feel like there was drama in Emilio's show.

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