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Now, it's Emilio's turn. His muse is Lorena and she's wearing the chartreuse coat and print dress. He says that he wanted to create a collection that was rooted in great American sportswear, tweaked with color and proportion. That's totally legitimate. It was great sportswear. I don't feel like he did that much with proportion though. He adds that he wanted to make something that women could wear and would make them feel comfortable and beautiful. I think this must be Emilio's great talent, besides his obvious construction talents. It seems that he adapts what he's saying on the runway to contrast his work from the other designers, like he did in the hardware challenge. Dude knows how to talk. Heidi asks why he named it "Color Me Bad." He says that color is a way to amp up a collection and, maybe a woman would want to be a little bad; so she would wear a red dress. Faith says that she loved the collection, especially his coats. She mentions that the cut of the sleeve on the chartreuse coat that Lorena is wearing (it hits a few inches above the wrist) is very flattering on a woman. Also, she loved the fit of the blue coat that he showed. Heidi loved his print and Faith didn't realize that his name was hidden in it. Michael feels that Emilio sent out the most commercial collection of the three designers, which seems to make Seth Aaron a little uncomfortable. Michael adds though that Emilio's least commercial look was his favorite. He's talking about the gown at the end. Heidi agrees that it was beautiful. However, Michael feels that there was a step missing between all of the commercial sportswear and this glamorous gown. Faith clearly loves the shit out of Emilio. Michael says that Emilio could roll his collection into any "fabulous store in America" and they would buy it. Nina also loved the final dress, though she saw it as gold and maybe I have color identification issues? She found his collection was quiet and sophisticated, though she thought there was maybe too much suiting. She wished she had seen more of his wonderfully feminine work instead of so much tailoring and so many coats. Emilio counters that, since he didn't tailor much during the challenges, he wanted to show his versatility. See? He can talk.

Heidi asks Mila about her inspiration and she says that she was interested in shadows that she would see around town. They created interesting graphics and illusions. She sought to create signature pieces that were wearable yet unique. Heidi "liked" her show a lot. Kudos to Mila for taking Nina and Michael's note about the styling. Michael elaborates and says that he took the girl out of the go-go cage and made her edgy and modern. He thought her styling was successful in taking her clothes (which he says were already good) and making them "now." He loved her mohair top and shiny skirt, as well as the mixed pattern dress that she showed during the last challenge. He adds that he was turned on when she played with shine, because it was a little nasty. But, in a good way. I wasn't expecting that. Seth Aaron chuckles on the side. It's fun to think of Mila being nasty. Heidi says that she loved the white t-shirt with the black stripes on it. She thought it was simple and cool. Faith says that "in a heartbeat" she would wear the short black dress in contrasting fabrics with the white stripe down the front (that outfit came down the runway after Brandise). Both she and Heidi loved the leggings. Faith Hill : Heidi Klum :: Shelley Long :: Mila Abramoivouivoui. Nina says coolly that Mila's show was very successful and mentions the changes to the styling. She feels that, when Mila loosens up, her work is a lot cooler. Michael concurs. He says with clenched teeth that she's very "buttoned up" and loosening up helps her work. Heidi tells them that the judges have a lot to talk about, so it's time for them to leave the runway. All three designers thank the judges and Faith congratulates them once more.

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