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Cut to the judges at the empty runway at Parson's. We are not playing around in this finale. I wish all of the episodes were like this. There really has been no fat. All content all the time! I love it. Heidi begins by saying that she was really happy with the show. She thought the collections were amazing. Faith agrees that it was a good show. She and Heidi have almost the same hair today -- wavy and pulled back. Nina says that the three designers are all clearly talented and have been consistent throughout the season. I guess that's true for the most part. Mila certainly had her stumbles (I'm talking to you, rainbow shmata) and Emilio made that bikini. God, the bikini. On second thought, the more I think about that, the more I think he was kind of a badass for going so over the top once he realized that he was not going to be able to execute what he originally intended. Emilio is the designer you'd most want with you on a deserted island. Michael says that all three had very distinct points-of-view and he was blown away by the show. You know, it may be self-preservation and wanting to believe that each season is an EVENT, but I don't remember Michael being so convincingly impressed before by the whole runway show. Heidi says that it's time for the designers to come to the runway.

The three designer enter the runway looking very excited. Before they begin, Heidi tells them that the judges could not be more impressed by what they presented. Michael congratulates them. Nina says it was fantastic and Faith adds that she really enjoyed the show. Now, the muse models enter the stage and stand beside their respective designers.

Heidi asks Seth Aaron to begin. He's got Kristina in the red dress. He reminds them of his 1940's German/Russian military inspiration. He was inspired by the color and the construction. He wanted to show innovation. His intent was to retain his style but be polished. Michael begins by telling Seth Aaron that he constructs clothes beautifully. Also the "kaboom" and "pow" of his looks were impressive. He commends Seth Aaron for making his clothes more luxury while retaining their youthful aspects. He says that, styled differently, the red dress could be worn as a commercial dress. Faith nods and vocalizes in agreement. Michael says it's like a magic trick that Seth Aaron could make powerful clothes that are wearable. Seth Aaron thanks them as we see Emilio make a stank face. Nina congratulates him on his maturation. A favorite of her is that black and white dress I loved. Yes, Nina and I are simpatico. She calls it a "parachute dress" though, which is a lot more succinct than my description. Faith would wear the shit out of that parachute dress, so says she. Seth Aaron explains that he wanted to make something flowing to create drama. The tweed/polka dot combo dress with striped tights was also a favorite of Nina's (that was the third from the last look of his collection). She mentions that he still has a heavy hand in a lot of his work, but she appreciates that he has a lot of ideas. She tells him emphatically that he put on a great show and it was very editorial. Heidi says that she wasn't sure about the purple dress (Michael agrees), but she thought the show was very exciting. You have to give it up for the purple dress making the show more exciting though.

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