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Following is a red turtleneck and black skirt. The turtleneck is belted and has blocks of blue and black on the forearms. The next look is a button-up blouse in camo with black slacks and a leather jacket. The jacket is still feminine and has some zippers on the arm. Here's a short skirt in a metallic print that has pockets. It's skintight. I'm not sure pockets are going to be useful or flattering to anyone. He has paired it with a black coat and a black turtleneck.

Here's a dress draped like the Greeks dug it. It's chartreuse and belted at the waist, with a strap on one shoulder. It's floor-length and is paneled, allowing for lots of leg to show. It's beautiful. And, that was the capper. There's certainly a cohesive color story and you see where Emilio's talents lie in each look, I'm just not sure he had enough of a signature. And, that's even considering his camo. Emilio comes on the runway to cheers.

After the show, it's time to hear from the peanut gallery. Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire and nemesis of Nina Garcia, found Mila's inspiration very interesting. She doesn't really mention the clothing, just that she finds the idea of being inspired by shadows interesting. Nigel Barker, fashion photographer thought that Seth Aaron's stuff was really cool. There's Seth Aaron hugging his kids and asking them if they thought the show was "rad." Anthony thought that Emilio's collection was sophisticated and fresh, while Ping (I've missed her, sue me), who is wearing a white wig and looks pretty fab, says that she liked Mila's collection most. Mila's parents greet her and tell her that she did so well. Bonnie Takhar, the CEO of Halston, really liked Emilio's outerwear. Raven-Symone, who I saw in the audience but didn't recognize (Olivia's all grown up! And, yes, I watch That's So Raven. I just didn't recognize her.), says excitedly that she like Emilio's prints because they reminded her of the '90s and she's totally bringing back the '90s. Shit. Who's retro now? There's Emilio giving a big hug to his mom! She's so tiny! Beth Ostrovsky Stern, wife of Howard and "television personality," says that Seth Aaron's military inspiration was a home run for her. Irina, last year's winner, loved Mila's first coat. She wants it for herself! I thought that was a dress. My bad. There's my Jonathan! He says that Seth Aaron's collection was whimsical, while Mila's and Emilio's could be bought off the runway. He thinks it will come down to what the judges are looking for. That's fairly astute.

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