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Emilio leaves and to the hip hop we don't stop. The first look is a chartreuse coat, classic and expensive in cut, with a bright red liner. It's covering a simple dress of Emilio's camo name-dropping print. It has a high neckline and cap sleeves. There is pleating at the neck that is very feminine and pretty. The skirt of the dress is black. It's belted in the front, but, interestingly, the belt doesn't extend to the back. It's a cute look. Emilio says that he strove to create a collection that was wearable but exciting to look at.

The next dress is a simple knee-length red dress with a high neck and cap sleeves. Belted. Black tights. Cute, but that's really what you're going to show at your first Bryant Park show? Maybe some people do, I don't know. It seems like you'd want to make more of a splash though.

The next look is a blue coat and blouse paired with black slacks. The coat has a kind of kimono front -- it has two peaks at the front and rises higher in the back. It belts with the buckle on the side. She doesn't take the coat off and the pants are nothing to write home, or to TWoP readers, about. All of this looks cute and well-made so far, but I don't know. I guess Chloe Dao did similar stuff, but even her show was a bit more of an event.

His next look is a red coat which buttons just a little off center. The liner is bright blue -- I love those colors. It reminds me of the coat he made for the little girl challenge. The coat covers a cocktail dress of the Emilio camo. It's one-shouldered and has a swath of fabric hanging from the point where it ties at the shoulder. I think Emilio has a real future with these coats, but the dresses? It's just tailoring. There's no real interest anywhere.

The next dress is cool. It's a short green and black print dress with sleeves that end at the elbows. The shoulders are full and there's a tie of fabric at the neck. Anytime you see one of those bows at the neck, the designer gets accused of making something too old, but I think they're cute. The girl is wearing long red gloves. Backstage, Tim and Emilio are standing silently beside one another watching the monitor. Emilio declares, "Beautiful." Tim agrees, maybe because he agrees, but I'm not sure.

The next dress is a simple jersey in blue with a high neck and a teardrop cutout on the top of the back. Long sleeves, black tights. Seriously, it fits beautifully. It's just not a special design. Emilio VO's that this collection shows his talent and artistry as a designer. That's what I'd be afraid of.

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