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This is cool. Here's a girl wearing a voluminous top in gray that is covered with vertical pleats. The movement in it is beautiful. It is paired with knickers. The girl is carrying a bag across her chest. She's going somewhere! Backstage, we see Mila watching excitedly with Tim. She tells him that she feels good about this look going before the judges.

Jesus, this next girl is so hot. She's wearing a white jersey top with a scoop neck. There are graphic black stripes all over the front of it. She's also wearing some of those fancy tights. On top, she's wearing an aubergine sweater that is unstructured and the sleeves extend to the fingers. The back of it has all of these horizontal stripes, of what appears to be transparent aubergine fabric. I think this might be my favorite look of hers so far, but I'm not sure there's that "wow" shit that everybody's looking for. It must be hard to have your collection judged in contrast to two other collections, instead of people just looking at your work for what it is.

Next is a short dress in two shades of aubergine. The form diagonal stripes across the girl. On top of the dress, is a black belt/demented shrug that has a strap over one shoulder. She's wearing white tights and Mila's white gloves.

And, finally, we have the silver dress that Mila presented to the judges. It's really beautiful and the girl is working it to death. And, that's that! Mila returns to cheers. Matthew and her parents are so proud!

Backstage, we see Emilio inspecting his girls. He interviews that everything is in place and the next 45 minutes will determine his future. That's a lot of pressure for the future. He enters the runway and thanks everyone for coming. He tells them that "they" have worked very hard. There's a shot of his family in the audience. Only Seth Aaron's family got to be on the front row? Hmm. [I thought that was suspicious too, but chalked it up to his kids maybe being shorter? -- Angel] So, Emilio continues and tells everyone that his collection is titled "Color Me Bad." And... where DOES one begin? First of all, Mila should be congratulated in nailing the period of his inspiration, except 1994 is like three years too late. Also, it doesn't really matter what we see next. He just revealed a fatal lack of sophistication. Seriously, I don't mean to make such a big deal about this but have you seen Color Me Badd? Yes, I'm only adding too d's to mentions of the actual band. Have you seen them? They were like the exact inspiration for the "Dick In A Box" group's look. Gross. It's like me naming a collection "Milli Vanilli" and asking for everyone to not see military blazers and biker shorts. Is Milli Vanilli the exact middle point between Mila and Seth Aaron? Ponder. Emilio says that his "Color Me Bad" collection was inspired by his mother and her sisters. Then, I think he says "I love you" in Spanish. Something nice.

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