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Previously: Mila, Jay, Emilio and Seth Aaron made it to Fashion Week. While visiting the designers at their homes, Tim gave some tough advice. He suggested that Seth Aaron reconceptualize his entire collection and he hinted that Emilio might be wasting his time with his work. Mila and Jay had to compete for the final spot in the Bryant Park show. Mila won the showdown, but the judges told her that her styling for her show needed to be young and modern.

We've made it to the end! OK, let's do a little pre-mortem. How do we feel about this season? I feel like things really picked up as the season progressed. Maybe it's just reality show fatigue, but I found the typical introduction of "personalities" in the first few episodes to be fairly boring. Seth Aaron is actually a far more complex person than the West Coast Stray Cat idiot that they presented. Other than his mention of his daughter's alarming obsession with handbags from a very young age, we didn't hear much about his family until a few episodes ago. Now, at the time, I commended Seth Aaron for not blubbering about his family all of the time and I'm still thankful for that (note to Jay: being a crybaby doesn't make you less of an asshole -- MORE on that later), but Seth Aaron is so much LOOK that it would have been nice to have a better idea of where he was coming from. I had a hard time rooting for him because he looks like such a tool. Drop by the Learning Annex for my standing-room only lecture course, Judging A Book By Its Cover 101.

I feel like they did a fairly good job presenting Mila. In fact, she seems like the most successful arc of the season. Even though her work never strayed from her narrow vision, we got to see some of the doubts and general thought processes of this person enshrouded in this fairly severe and icy exterior. It did a lot to soften her and they only made her cry once. I was completely WRONG about Jonathan. He was my personal favorite. I loved his work and thought he was really funny, and his friendship with Amy was the most satisfying such connection of the season. My least favorite relationship would be the trumped up hate between Mila and Jay. It felt like a cheap production ploy. It was too easy. Mila was older than most of the designers and stern, and, other than Maya, I doubt anyone really got off on talking to Mila. And, Jay was the bitchiest. So, of course they didn't love each other, but there was no evidence of an arch rivalry for the ages brewing in the workroom. Until they told us there was.

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