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Previously: The designers had their final challenge. They were to create circus-inspired runway looks. Seth Aaron and Emilio got through to Fashion Week. Anthony got the boot. Jay and Mila have to create collections, then compete for the final Fashion Week spot.

Here we are! We've made it to Shangri-La. Oh Bryant Park, hold these designers to your bosom. They are weary and in need of gift bags. We don't get an early morning windowsill pondering for this episode. It starts at the runway. Heidi enters and congratulates the four designers for making it to Fashion Week. Seth Aaron stands and does some hip-thrusting action in Jay's face in the spirit of celebration. She tells them that they will be sent home with nine thousand dollars and they will have four months to work on their collections. She reminds Mila and Jay that they will both be creating collections, but only one of them will be showing at Fashion Week. They will have to show three looks from their collections for judging. That sounds like a long way to go to be told no, but I'm sure they would still be able to have someone look at their collection, right? The person that doesn't make it, that is.

Then, Heidi welcomes Tim to the stage. The designers applaud. They really make the designers clap a lot. Anyway, Tim tells the designers that he is exceptionally proud of each of them. "Look where you are?" he exclaims with arms extended in first position, his hands telling us exactly how proud he is. He tells them that he will be visiting each of them as they are working on their collections. Heidi tells them that she wishes them luck and can't wait to see them at Fashion Week. Then, she and Tim escort each other behind the scrim, where they do a little booty bump. Heidi is really pregnant.

At the Atlas building, as she is packing, Mila says that she and Jay both of strong points-of-view, but hers is better. She smiles and says that she has to make sure that she beats Jay. As he's packing, we hear Jay says that his mind is boggled that he has made it this far. Then, Seth Aaron comes in, play tackles him and locks him in a place he hasn't been for a while, the closet. That joke makes me sound like Joan Rivers. Hack much? Why, yes, I do. As Jay steps out of the closet (cannot stop), he interviews that he knows he has what it takes to beat Mila and win the competition.

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