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Previously: The designers returned to New York and showed the judges two looks from their collections, plus one that they had to make on the fly. They worried that maybe Mondo's show would look like a circus, which I guess is a bad thing. For Gretchen, they suggested that she give her girls a more modern styling. Nina worried that Andy wasn't showing enough range in his collection. The "story" for Other Michael's collection was that the fabric store he used only had one color. So, Other Michael is the person who didn't make it to Fashion Week and they gratefully (or, who am I kidding, SADLY) didn't show more footage of OM's magnificent meltdown. That's some Project Runway herstory that happened there, my friends.

The show begins and it's one week before Fashion Week. They designers are still at the Hilton in Midtown. Mondo is flat-ironing his hair. Gretchen hauls herself out of bed and she interviews that she is excited and shocked that this is all happening. She's going to remember this for the rest of her life. She joins Mondo in the bathroom where he reminds her that they both have a one in three chance of winning Project Runway. She says that she didn't think that she was going to make it very far in the competition and I just can't believe that. Seriously, maybe she would have seemed like a completely different girl if she hadn't won those first two challenges, or maybe she was employing some practical self-preservation by not putting the pressure to win on herself. Or, maybe she's lying right now and just wants to look humble. I'm done trying to figure this Gretchen character out. No I'm not. Mondo says that this is a once in a lifetime experience and I'm really tired of hearing that.

Andy joins them and they all sit down to room service and in the suite. It looks really good. Gretchen gets a note that says that some "friends" are waiting to see them and congratulate them at Parson's. This is a TRAP. Mondo says that he hopes it isn't family, which I find kind of hysterical. Mondo has clearly had enough of trotting his mom out like they're besties. Not that they're not or estranged or anything, he just doesn't seem like the kind of dude who gets off on that as much as, say, Andy. Gretchen suggests that they all pull themselves together and Mondo is kind enough to not remind her that he has BEEN pulling himself together for an hour and a half now. Hello, hair iron?

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