Project Runway
Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

The designers meet on the runway and Heidi congratulates all of them. A model for each designer comes out. Dmitry says that he was trying to use geometrical shapes and make something feminine. Heidi says that she loved the show. She applauds him for listening to the judges. Michael thinks the fit of his work is fantastic. Nina loved his fringe jacket paired with some harem pants. She feels like most of his work was editorial. Wow, she's really excited about him. Jennifer says that she felt like she got to know Dmitry by watching his collection. That's very sweet.

Melissa says that she was working to combine the absurd and surreal. Michael tells her that she understands how a girl wants to look, because she is the girl. The only thing that struck him as strange was the white dress that wouldn't move. He wanted to nail her shoes to a skateboard and pull her down the runway. Jennifer disagrees -- she liked the dress. Heidi thought all of her girls, excepting the one who couldn't walk, were tough, like Melissa. Nina liked that her work is sexy and not slutty. Jennifer thinks that Melissa could be one of the model.

Christopher explains that he was inspired by an x-ray. Michael loved his first look. He loved all of the splattered leather looks. He didn't think the final gown, the one onstage, belonged in the show. Jennifer she loved one of his skirts and wants to find it. Nina thinks that he's good at making fabrics look light, but he doesn't always stay in his sweet spot.

Fabio says that he was inspired by his cultural heritage. Heidi LOVED his collection. Nina commends him for listening to the judges. Michael thinks that his risky use of pastels really paid off. Jennifer loved the colors. They made her happy. She also loves all of the layers. She is so sweet.

The models leave the stage and Heidi asks Christopher why he should win. He says that he is ready to start his career. Fabio says that did this show to become a better designer. He feels like he deserves a brand now. Dmitry says that he has had a clear vision of who he is. The win would give him the wings to fly. Melissa says that she has pushed herself in the competition and her point-of-view has expanded.

The designers leave the runway. Backstage, they all exhale. Dmitry says that he almost fainted. The judges confer. They like that Christopher used a print. Heidi thinks that he over thought his show. Jennifer didn't feel like she could connect to any of the pieces. Nina thinks that he should have been more romantic. Michael agrees.

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