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Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

Dmitry comes out and we see his group of friends smiling and clapping and taking pictures. He says that he was inspired by organic architecture. He hopes that the audience will like it as much as he does. His show starts and we see a lot of geometrical shapes inserted into the clothing. It is all made beautifully and it is cohesive. Backstage, Tim and Dmitry discuss that there is no question about the cohesion of the collection. All of the girls have ponytails, which seems like a smart idea. Keeps it young. His final dress is this evening gown with a feathered skirt. I guess no individual looks are getting applause anymore. It used to seem like that would happen once or twice a season.

Fabio interviews that he is feeling nothing but positivity before he goes out to speak. His family and beau look so happy for him. He tells the audience that he decided to name is collection Cosmic Tribalism, which is a reflection on his heritage. The girls start coming out and I just think it looks incredible. Ew, there's Josh McKinley. Fucker. I mean, it looks like he really did up the sophistication with these looks. Pastels and uniforms, that's what I see here. Tim tells him backstage that it's all very beautiful. Fabio says that he feels very blessed to have been able to show at Fashion Week. After the show, he comes out for his bow and maybe it's because of his sweet nature but it seems like he gets the most rousing applause.

After the show, Debra Messing, who was in attendance, says that she loved Melissa's "red" dress. Hmmph, some people don't know blood orange when they see it. "Fashion author" Eila Mell was also a fan of Melissa's red. Now tell me, a fashion author... how does that happen? Bonnie Brooks from Lord & Taylor says that she's rooting for Christopher but I wonder if that's because it would up the stock of the design of his they are already committed to carrying. Uncle Nick from Season 2 (Botox much?) says that he liked the raw edge of Christopher's work. Holy shit, Stephanie Meyer of Twilight fame loved Dmitry's work. Joanna Coles also liked it, but that's not as big of a deal. However, she does say that she wanted to leap out of her chair and rip the garments off of the models because she liked them as much. Valerie from Season 8 says that she loved Fabio's collection. ANYA! She loved Fabio and said that his work was unexpected and sublime. Hell yeah. We see Fabio crying as he hugs his family. Several designers say that they never know the judges are going to choose. I think they just don't want to say that they like anything.

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