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Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

Then, everything starts happening. People start arriving, the models start getting their shiz on, the designers start freaking out. Dmitry's hair is taking a really long time, which worries Tim. Melissa's orange dress fits perfectly, but suddenly she realizes that her white dress is too difficult to walk in. Harvey Weinstein is in the audience. Jennifer Hudson is the guest judge! And I am telling you, I LOVE me some J Hud. Christopher's model rips one of his gowns as she walking and he has to essentially cut the hem in a hurry. At one point, he says that his grandmother is rolling in her grave if she knows what he's doing.

Heidi enters the runway and looks pretty amazing. She introduces Michael and Nina and says that she loves them, which I somehow believe. Maybe Michael a little more than Nina. Then, she introduces J Hud, which is special. Christopher comes out and says that he was inspired by deconstruction and reconstruction. He dedicates the show (with just a touch of a frog in his throat) to his family and boyfriend.

The show begins and I'm not sure what to say about it. Everything is pretty fitted and shiny and constructed. The best thing is this violet coat -- the one that Tim liked so much when he visited him at home. His print works very well inside of his aesthetic, but some of the looks just don't seem thought out. His boyfriend screams for him when he comes out on the runway for his bow, which is very sweet.

Melissa is getting nervous backstage. She comes out and thanks her family and Nick for being there. She says that collection is an exploration of death to life. Her first look is the white jacket and it's pretty special. All of this stuff makes sense and it looks like she found more than a few ways to infuse color into the whole thing. Backstage, she tells Tim that this is the best day of her life. Some of the dresses are just gorgeous. Sexy but a little relaxed. Her white dress comes out and it takes the model like a month or two to make it down the runway. Following that is the orange dress. It has one of her gravity-defying necklines and is really gorgeous. When she comes out for her bow, Nick mouths, "It was so good," to her and I just find that touching. Shit, y'all, something about this year and how worked up everyone is has made me a little choked up for this whole thing. It's just a big deal when you know how solitary a lot of this work is but how you need outside approval for it to really fly. I don't know. It's a big moment for them.

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