Project Runway
Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

Christopher starts showing stuff to Tim and it doesn't go well. Tim thinks that his new skirt looks cheap. He starts to ask Tim about some new garment that he's thinking of making and Tim just stops him. Meanwhile, Melissa interviews that Christopher seems exhausted and like everything is taking its toll. Tim tells Christopher that he needs to stop making new stuff and just work with the things that he has. Tim gives him a hug, which is sweet.

Fabio shows his stuff to Tim and Tim says that it looks like he's had an epiphany. He loves all of the new stuff that Fabio created. Fabio says he took to heart when Tim said he needed to let go and he has "arrived." Christopher says that he feels that Fabio really took the judges' advice to heart and implemented it well into his collection. Tim tells everyone that he's thrilled with all of the collections!

In the sewing room, Christopher is bitching that his garment that he's working on is cheesy. Melissa says that he's extra feisty ("crispy") today, which supports the idea that he is, in fact, suffering some sort of meltdown. The last couple of hours are Dmitry and Fabio chilling out and having tea and noodles while Melissa and Christopher are flying around like crazy people. Tim comes in to give everyone the 15 minute warning before the day is over. He asks Christopher why he looks so freaked out, since he was already finished in the morning. Christopher, who apparently didn't take the advice to just stick with what he had, says that he did have to garments that he was working on. Tim clearly thinks this is ridiculous. It's really uncomfortable and I feel kind of bad for Christopher because the whole thing just makes him seem like a brat, which doesn't seem exactly fair. They sew like mad for 15 minutes, then Tim comes in with champagne. He has to call Christopher from his sewing machine like three times and finally is like, "This is no time to be petulant." In all fairness, it's maybe exactly the time to be petulant. You want to finish sewing your dress and someone's trying to force you to drink some bubbly? I don't know, I might get a little petulant. They toast and Tim leaves. Melissa seems done at this point, but Christopher is in shitty shape.

At 2 am, the designers are awake and ready to go. None of them could sleep. Dmitry says that they all look like a bunch of vampires. Poor Christopher. The circles under his eyes are really dramatic. I'm afraid he's not even going to be able to enjoy any of this. Dmitry interviews that he gave up his job and apartment to do the show, but he has no regrets. As they approach the tents, Melissa interviews that there was a glow around them because they were living their own dream. They enter the tent and they all freak out a little. Christopher says that this is the moment when he needs to focus the most.

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