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Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

The next morning, everyone trudges into the workroom. Fabio, wearing a black long-sleeve tee and a black baseball cap (LOVE IT) says that it's sad for him because you always want the good things in life to go on forever, like the film Pitch Perfect or the song "(212)" by Azealia Banks. He says that his nerves are traveling through the screen right now and, holy shit, they really are. Or the people who make this show decided to make weird watery bullshit happen to the screen when he said that. I say that it is not cool to diminish Fabio's emotion here with goofy special effects.

Tim drops in to tell the designers that they will have their make-up consultations, then they will be able to work until 5pm. Billy B. is the consultant. He's wearing his Murphy Brown uniform again. Christopher finally feels good about a part of this whole process. Fabio loves the make-up story for his show so much that he tells us he wishes he could wear the make-up every day. No words. I have no words. Well, calliope. That was the only thing that came into my head just then. It just makes a kind of visceral sense to me. Please play along. It looks like Melissa is going to have a lip color named Coral Seduction featured in her show. Va-va-voom.

Back in the workroom, Tim comes in for a little chat. He goes to Melissa and asks her how she felt about her fittings. She says that some of the looks fit perfectly, some need tweaking and she has to finish sewing her blood orange dress. I really hope that Christopher is only kidding but interviews that she is fucking pretentious for calling it blood orange and it's actually just red. Wow, is he getting the shit edit or WHAT for the episode? I mean, unless he's having some sort of psychotic break and is just melting down in front of us, I don't know. His humor has been so effortless and bubbly and perfectly modulated. That remark was just nasty. Maybe Gunnar was right? Maybe Christopher is the problem? Either they were really generous to him before and avoided showing us that he was a jerk and a drama queen or they're cherry-picking his bad moments to prepare us for the fact that Christopher is just NOT going to win. Because, he's clearly not going to win. Tim likes the fabric that Melissa is using.

Dmitry tells Tim his hair story and Tim is a little worried. Christopher interviews that he hopes Dmitry uses all of that silver foil. See? How nasty! Tim doesn't want it to overshadow the clothes. I hope he uses it, not because I want to see him fail but because I want to see something that dramatic.

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