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The Final Runway

Melissa tells us that the next two days are going to be very busy and she is going to do everything in her power to pull it together and win this thing. Christopher says to no one in particular that he's afraid to look at the door because surprises and just, in general, things that he can't handle keep coming through it. The models come in for their fittings and apparently that fits into the category of things with which Christopher is unequipped to handle. He says of course they're coming in when he's not ready for them.

As she's fitting a girl in her white leather jacket, Melissa recalls Michael and Nina criticizing it and Heidi laughing really hard at Nina tell her to cut the cuffs off. I can't really blame Heidi though because Nina's frustration was so palpable. It was just a really human moment that happened to come at the expense of a poor girl who is right on the precipice of either the greatest accomplishment of her young career or the biggest disappointment she has ever known. Melissa says that it would be crazy for her to not listen to what the judges have to say to her.

Fabio's fittings are going really well. He's listening to the critique that he got and making some items to layer and hopefully make several of his looks seem more expensive. Dmitry is making stuff that he feels is very sexy, though it's debatable if he's going to be successful or not, since he thinks he was already making stuff that was pretty sexy. Christopher tells a model who is trying on a jacket that he made it the day before. He interviews that he's afraid he isn't going to have enough pieces to mix and match. Right now he's just trying to find things that fit the girls. He's not sure if he should maybe scrap some of the looks that aren't fitting well and make something new.

Melissa made a white dress that Fabio finds very beautiful but then he interviews that something was off...the poor model had to take the tiniest steps in the world because the bottom of the dress was so small. Melissa keeps wanting to blame the shoes that the girl is wearing but finally she just says that she has more important things to worry about. Christopher is still completely rudderless. Dmitry thinks that he needs to stop making new stuff and just make the stuff that he has work.

In the sewing room, Melissa asks Fabio how he's doing. "Incredibly calm," he answers. "I know!" Melissa responds enthusiastically. I don't know why that exchange is so adorable to me. It seemed like the lens of the show only settled on Melissa when she was harried before, but we're seeing that she's a real source of positivity for the most part. I have to say, I pretty much liked her on sight. She has one of those faces, especially as a designer -- she seems smart and creative and reasonable, all at once. That's wife material, y'all. Nick better get his shit together. Then, Dmitry alerts the others to the fact that it is 11 o'clock and thus time for them to go home. Fabio had no idea and jokes to Melissa that he was so calm because he didn't know what time it was.

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